Pro Techniques to get bigger biceps

Everyone wants the big biceps Nowadays as they are bulging muscles in front of upper arms and when you flex your arms they are the main thing which a person can show off each and every time.

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•To get bigger biceps you should learn to do the same exercises over and over with a bit technique and strategies.


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If you’re doing hard biceps training all the time and didn’t know the proper technique that all things are just going in waste.

•Using correct form prevent you from injuries and gives your muscles power to grow.

•Take rest for 2 mins after each set of biceps exercise to let your muscles rest.


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It is one of the best exercise to get bigger biceps when you are trying it hard in correct form!

•Just stand straight and start doing the curls in full motion to get your biceps pumped-up fully and slowly within few weeks you will able to see the difference.

•It also includes incline dumbbells curls and concentration curls within it!


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Its a big myth that if you train hard everyday then you will see results faster.

•NO! actually it is wrong if you are trying hard daily then just think for once when our biceps will get time for the rest.

As you know everything needs a sufficient amount of time to get recover and strong. So you should train your biceps only 2-3 times a week as bicep muscles require at least more than 24 hours to get recovered completely.


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