PROCRASTINATION: Make your brain tick, not the clock

What would you do if you have a ton of work lying around and a deadline of 3 months waiting. Complete the work, really? You would procrastinate.

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Procrastination! we all have done it, knowingly and unknowingly. Even I did it while writing this blog, playing with my dog, dancing around, doing other things rather than working my way around this blog even though I was dying to write a new one. Procrastination – is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, procrastination takes place until the “last minute” before a deadline. While maximum number of people say that “We shouldn’t procrastinate it’s an evil thing to do”. Then why do we exercise this evil every day, because who doesn’t loves to lay some time off their work. And one more thing, you cannot believe everything what people say.

“I see procrastination and research as part of my artistic process.” – Lynn Nottage

So how can you turn this “SO CALLED EVIL” thing into a favourable thing for yourself. If you do it the right way, procrastination can actually boost up your creativity. More often than not, we delay our tasks just because they’re too boring or mundane to complete at the beginning, just the idea of doing the task is breathtaking. But often what we don’t realise is that when we are not working on the task and goofing around our subconscious mind is actively working on the task stocking innovative ideas and thoughts which can assist you in the task. So when you actually sit down to do your task you have a bunch of ideas in your brain on which you can analyse and work upon. When a deadline date approaches near, it motivates you to do your task. The fear of not ending up completing with the task creates panic , the panic factor then attacks your brain which makes it works faster towards the completion of your task ahead the deadline.

It’s just like Bill Gates said, ‘choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.’

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