Professional/business opportunities for Chartered Accountants

After Becoming a CA you have may option to build your career.It’s totally depend upon you which career you want. After completing CA one can go in practice, one can go in job & one can start his business it is totally depend on your will & circumstances. 

Some suggestion of Professional/Business opportunities one can opt for:

1) Franchise of a software: One can take the franchise of software & can sell it to the client. You have a better opportunity to sell that software specially related to taxation & auditing. You can increase tour income within no time.

2) Consultancy services: Main work of a CA is to give consultancy to his clients as good as possible. A CA can earn money by giving consultancy related to taxation, auditing & investment etc.

 3) Outsourcing services: Many companies do their services outsourced means give the work to other person. they outsourced there services like accounting,TDS, income tax etc.

4) Bookkeeping services: A CA can provide the bookkeeping services like maintaining of books of account, Filing ITR, TDS return & Accounting services etc.

5) Teaching job: By seeing the current scenario the best job is of teaching the CA Student. by opening coaching center you can earn much money. That is an era of coaching center so one may also tried in this field

6) Investment advisory services: One after completing CA also go for investment advisory services. Giving the advice of investment.

7) Publication of his book : One can also try for writing his own book. if someone is interested in writing then this is the best option available for them. he can publish his book & get the royalty & earn big. 

8) Project financing: One can also give the advice for project financing. Is this project is acceptable or not. This is the service to provide the best alternatives from the several alternatives with the limited resources.

9) GST services: A CA may also provide the GST services related to filing of return, hearing of GST appeals, GST disputes & consultation of GST.

10) Merger & acquisition services: CA also provide merger & acquisition related services. They provide the procedure related to merger & acquisition.

11) MCA services: CA may also provide  MCA related services. Services related to incorporation of companies, closing of companies certificates to companies, filing of forms related  to MCA & any other services like DSCetc.

12) Advocacy of civil services: One can also go on hearing of civil cases like income tax , GST & any other penalties in any law. A CA is eligible for the hearing of the above cases.

13) Internal audit services: That is also a big area of work for CA. Many there is also great earning in this field. Many firm has specific work with respect of this field.

14) System audit services: One can also provide the services related to system audit. In this proper checking of system is made so that the result from that system is accurate & a person can rely on them.

15) Compliance related: Compliance of Law & regulation is very critical for the company so they hire a person who can manage the compliance of all related law which is applicable to the company. A CA can also go for this.

16) Upload of video: You can also earn money by social networking sites. BY analyzing the current environment this is best option available here. And in this field there is much more income than other field.

17) become an entrepreneur: A CA can analyze the environment better than others. so we can say a CA can also go for his own business. Choice of business depend upon the environmental factor.




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