Well, if you ask me what is the purest feeling anyone can have for others ? I’ll surely reply you – “LOVE”.

The question which was put “ CAN LOVE HAPPEN AGAIN…WITH THE SAME PERSON?” received many good answers and after collecting all those and researching on the same topic for more , I got an acceptable answer for all your questions.

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If you Love someone , you Love them for lifetime . It does not happen for a short period of time like lust and attraction. Love is a very strong feeling and once you are in its trap there is no way to go back!

This “TRAP” is “forever”

 “ Love Remains”

The feeling of Love for someone cannot be evaporated but at the same time it can surely be depleted . It can’t be evaporated because the time spent and the memories made together have their own way in your heart and brain and of-course they can never be completely erased neither they can be replaced . Every person has his/her own originality and his/her own place in your life. So, replacing someone is not possible but that does not means you cannot ask someone else to enter your life .

Who said Love can happen only once? If you think so answer a question put by me…

How many people do you hate in your life? Or how many people do you dislike?

I’m sure they are more than one and actually they are numerous if you ask me. So, if you can hate/dislike more than one , than surely you can like more than one too!

“Hate” and “Love” both are very strong feelings and once you feel them it is very difficult to erase them and probably it is next to impossible. It is but natural to hate a person you love if he/she breaks your heart or is no longer in your life or due to some misunderstanding. But always remember hatred and love can take place at the same time too, which means you’ll still love the person you hate , if you have once loved that person. So, the feeling of love can never be completely erased , it can only be faded.

It is for always!

“Love Remains”

Now , coming to the main question ,


Lets take a situation that the person you loved the most is not with you now due to any particular reason ( misunderstanding, lack of trust, lack of conversation , family issues etc) and you have started hating that person or you were depressed/sad/broken . It was a very difficult time you spent with no one else but yourself and slowly you have moved on in life by loving yourself more than anyone else. Many new people came in your life to ask you for love , who gave you love but you did not felt the same for them and hopelessly they all went back .But on an awaited day , that person comes back into your life apologies for the mistakes or ask you for some space in your life . Now , the question was , will you still Love that person? The answer is Yes! Because if you have once loved that person truly , deeply, passionately , than you’ll always Love that person , no matter whatever he/she did, no matter whatever happened between you two! And once that person comes back to your life the intensity to be with them again will surely increase and all you’ll wish to do by heart will be to go back to them. But of course the choice will be yours, if you want to take a second chance or you want it to end . 


Whatever you do , Love will remain, because it is not a mark made from pencil which can be erased but it is a mark made from permanent marker which can only fade!

So, the choice is yours-

“Be it Hell, Live it Well.”


Now, lets take a situation that the person you loved the most is no more in your life and what you feel now is that you can never love anyone else again. This feeling is natural to come but it is not true. You might have loved a person purely, deeply, truly but that does not means you cannot love anyone else now. Yes, it will take time. Maybe a week, a month, a year, a decade but you will move on if you let yourself do the same. Now , how is that possible? It is as simple as that. All you need to do is , let other people enter your life! He/she is not the only person alive on this planet. Just check the population of our own country and you’ll know how many better options you already have. So, instead of making yourself miserable for whatever happened , take it as an experience and be positive for whatever happened because it will only help you in your future relations with others. All you need to do is , allow others to be in your life. Don’t make yourself lonely , that is what most people do after breaking up. And don’t come in another relation just for the sake of moving on . 

Always remember , you can’t drink another poison to nullify the effect of the first poison. 

You need to heal yourself , be with your close friends, be with your family, be with your cousins . Share your emotions. And once you know that you are no longer into him/her only than let yourself in a new relation. Yes, memories of that first person will remain somewhere or the other, and erasing them completely is next to impossible, but you can always make new memories. No one can stop you in that case. So, Love can happen more than once, twice and so on. If you can hate more than one, you can surely love more than one!

Give some time, everything will be fine because Love Remains!

“You might feel worthless to one person, but you are priceless to another. Don’t ever forget your value!”

SITUATION 3— “Can Love Happen Again… With The Same Person?”

I already answered this question.

YES , Love can happen again … with the same person. Lets take a situation that the love of your life went away and was no more in your life and all you did was nullify the feelings you had for him/her. But one sudden day he/she talks to you. Whatever you do, you will have feelings for that person, because no matter whatever happened ,you have once loved that person truly. So, the hard work you did in trying to evaporate that feeling will come back to you in a second or two as soon as he/she comes back.

 “Because its amazing how someone can break your heart, but you still Love them with all the little shattered pieces.”

And the fact remains ,

True Love never dies!


“So, in this World of Block and Unblock , find someone who Archives you!”

Another statement which was made , “First Love has its own special place . It can never happen again”

First True Love

So , to be practical of course first Love is first , and if you fell in love again with someone else , it will naturally be your second and it will surely be different than your first experience.

Yes, first love is special because it happens for the first time for you, but to think positively , imagine that you are loving the new person for the first time. So, it completely depends on you how many times you have experiences with different people . Everyone is different and unique . So, each time you’ll fall in Love with a new person , it will be naturally fresh . Surely, people fade but memories don’t but at the same time you can give birth to new memories and no one can stop you to do the same .

Love always find its way!

So, yes first true Love is special but the kind of Love which lasts Forever is all you want ?



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