In this post, I am going to answer various life – related questions (which I received from my readers) in brief.

Q1 Sometimes I feel inferior to others. What should I do then? 
ANS1 You are not inferior to others. You simply are good at something than others or bad at something than others. You only feel that you are inferior when you start comparing yourself with others. Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time.

Q2 Should I work hard or smart to achieve success?
ANS2 You should work smart as smart work includes hard work. It is always better to work smart than to work hard. Also, if hard work would be the key to success then a laborer will be the richest man on the planet.

Q3 Do I need to watch motivational videos to be successful? 
ANS3 No. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates did not watch any motivational video when they were building their businesses. You need a purpose and a strong desire if you want to be successful. Those who want to do something will do it no matter how many rejections and failures they face and those who don’t have a strong desire cannot be motivated no matter how many videos they watch.

Q4 How can I improve my communication skills? 
ANS4 If you want to improve your communication skills; you need to practice a lot. Don’t give up if people laugh at you. A child is able to learn anything he sets his mind to only because he doesn’t care what others think.


Q5 How to deal with people whom we don’t like in professional and personal life?
ANS5 Just stay away from them mentally and if possible; physically.

Q6 I want to do business but I don’t have money and time?
ANS6 We always find time for things that we really want to do, it’s all about priority. So, if you can’t find time for business then don’t do it; do business when you can’t stop yourself from doing business.

Q7 I know my aims and goals but I forget them quite often?
ANS7 Just write your aims and goals at a place where can see them like in your bedroom, on your mobile screen, or make them your WhatsApp wallpaper.

Q8 How to behave with people who are rude to me?
ANS8 Stay away from such people and if you have to interact with them; always be good to them because if you are good to them then their rudeness will not impact you but if you are also rude with them then there will be no difference between them and you.

Q9 I am very straightforward and people don’t like it? 
ANS9 It is their problem, not yours. Always stay true to yourself and the right people will like you for who you are. 

Hope you liked this blog and got the answer to your questions. If you have any other questions which you want to get answered; write them down in the comments section. I will try to answer them in my next blog. 


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