Quantum Computing:

Quantum Computing:

Quantum computing is computing using quantum-mechanical phenomena ,such as superposition and entaglemet.

Quantum computer:

A quantum computer is a device that performs quantum computing. Such a computer is different from binary electronic computer based on transistors , each of which is always in one of two definite states(0 or1),quantum computation uses quantum bits or qubits,which can be in superposition of states.


Quantum computer operates on its qubits.normal computer with binary numbers but quantum computer represent a one,a zero,or any quantum superposition of those two qubit state a pair of qubits can be in any quantum superposition of 4 states.

Security status:

Quantum computers will change the landscape of data security. quantum computer would be able to crack many of today encryption techniques, predictions are that they would create hack-proof replacement.

Rather than use more electricity, quantum computers will reduce power consumption anywhere from 100 up to 1000 times because quantum computers use quantum tunneling.

Quantum computing uses:

IBM,Google,and Microsoft are racing for quantum supermacy.

With quantum computers,we can create,stimulate and model molecular structures.

Quantum computers could empower machine learning by enabling AI programs through experience.


The electron is damaged as soon as it is affected by its environment,and that electron is very much essential for the functioning of quantum computers.


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