Ramadan Special Muslim Street Food

The festive season of Ramdan is one that’s known for the delicacies that are served to break the fast. It seems that some places more than others are acutely aware of this for they serve some amazing delicacies.

Ramdan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar year. As the holy month of Ramadan is underway, Muslims breaking their fast and Mumbai’s foodies head to Mohammed Ali Road each evening. The month is one where Muslims across the world observe a fast from sunrise to sunset. It is a month of prayers, humility, and abstinence. But for food lovers, it also a period where the most delicious delicacies are prepared for Iftar feasting.

This place can be segmented into two parts one before sunset when all come to buy for iftar to break the fast. Which mostly contains fruit stalls, chana , ragda n fried stuff which again is worth tasting for ( mostly takeaways). Second after sunset (iftari ) when it turns into a street full of amazing local cuisines like chicken, bheja , gurda , seekh , shawarma, and the list goes on. The USP is the taste that is made freshly in front of you. As you enter Mohammed Ali Road, ask one of the million people around to point you to Minara Masjid. As you get closer to it, you’ll pick up the smell of kebabs and roast meat just before you see the green mosque, towering over the food hub.

You can find tons of street food items like chicken tikkas, Sikh kababs, shawarmas, and tandoori chicken here. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy some Sitaphal Halwa, Phirni, Malpuas, Mawa Jalebis and gulab jamuns. Post sunset and prayers, the fast is broken with an Iftar feast, usually eaten with family or local community. With the monsoon underway, you may have second thoughts about setting off to enjoy an Iftar food walk in Mumbai but we suggest you shake off those doubts and go ahead.

Below is the detailed price list [Differs from stall to stall]

1) Non-veg items like leg piece, malai kofta, tikkas, tandoori, rolls, shawarmas etc[priced between 50-350 rs per plate approx depending on what you order].

2) Tons of stalls serving:

Malpuas: 100-120 Rs for a single egg & 140-150 Rs for double egg

Firnis: 30 – 70 Rs

Mawa jalebis: 240-300 rs Kg [There are around 3-4 stalls, all serving piping hot jalebis with their owners/attendants screaming “yeh original hai, yeh purana wala stall hai”, makes us wonder which one is the real jalebi house].

For vegetarians/eggetarians [like me], main course items are restricted merely to Baida Roti without chicken, aloo sabzi [all cooked in the same oil which is used for non-veg items, just fyi] but it is easily compensated by hogging on the various sweets that are sold here.


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