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A no means NO

RAPE, a word so common that everyday when a person reads it in news, he doesn’t cares to look further or even mourn a second for abused. It has become something, that hearing about it is a part of our daily routine. Slightly more than one in ten women have experienced forced intercourse worldwide. Rape has turned into a virus which has affected our society to the roots.

There are so many things that all of us talk about related to rape. But the most important has unfortunately always been ignored. We talk about rights for women , safety for women, cruel punishments for rapist and many other important things.

But has anyone ever thought what a victim goes through? What happens to that girl, a little girl who doesn’t even understand what happened to her and what was wrong about it or if it was at all wrong done against her or to that girl who fully understands that she is ripped apart, her mind, body and soul torn to pieces. What happens to her confidence, the confidence she had in humanity. The confidence she had in the meaning of NO. The confidence she had in herself that she could protect herself from any harm no matter how horrifying it would be.

A victim not only goes through the physical pain or torture that has been caused to her but also the emotional pain. Not only the pain of losing confidence, her virtue, herself but also the pain that she has indirectly caused her loved ones , her parents and family. She doesn’t just has to face emotional trauma that has been caused to her but also face the pain she has caused people around. Ironically this is the pain a rapist should feel but instead is faced by the victim.

As much as it is important to talk about rights and security. It is important that we should do something to make young men understand that their pleasure, destroys not only women’s virtue but their entire exsistence.

HERE is a video which will make you understand the pain that a girl goes through and also what all she loses.

I hope you understand now, that there is something which needs an urgent attention. We should understand that rape is not affecting a single being but the entire gender. It not only affects a single person but also people around. We all  need to do something and the time is now.


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