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We all are struggling in our life. We are struggling with our work, with our schedule, with our thoughts in the mind, with our fears and even with our relations. We are not able to manage all the things at one time, we are not able to give time and attention to everybody and to each and everything. We want everyone to understand us but not us to understand them. We say they are fake but do not accept the fact that somewhere we are too fake. We hide ourselves from this world. We do not have the courage to face the problems, we just want them to go away from our life. But I think hiding or praying for the problems to go away is not the solution in our life. In life, we are the heroes, we have to fight the villain i.e., the problems, the fear in us. Life offers us many opportunities in our success journey but it is upon us how we utilize them, how we win over our fears, and how we deal with our problems.

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You all had a point in your life where you felt helpless and alone. At that moment you didn’t trust anyone, you started hating everyone, you just wanted everyone to leave you alone, you even felt lifeless. But dear only you know how strong you were in that situation, how much you have struggled for yourself to be fine again, how much you have fought with your thoughts and even how much you have tolerated the society. But at the end you were the winner, you won over all the hurdles, you were the sufferer, you were the champion in your life.

Someone has said, “Strength and growth comes only through continuous effort and struggle.”

So struggling is not bad but it only makes you a better person who can tackle the problems by himself/herself by experiencing different problems in life.

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Basically what is LIFE?

Life is not only about negativity, about problems, about struggles, about fear or even about studies. Life is beyond all this. Life is about happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind, faith in ourselves, self-confidence, winning over our problems, being the champion in our life.

So start living your life from today, start giving time to yourself, start living for yourself. Smile everyday, everywhere, and in every situation. Start ignoring negativity. And one of the most important thing is listen to your soul because he knows what’s best for you. Stop tolerating the bullshit of society. Stop living for others. Enjoy your own company. Share everything with yourself. Be your own best friend and live your life to the fullest.

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  1. NC Pareek

    Plz be my motivation guru.
    Ur perspective abt life is unique n exquisitely beautiful.

    A thunderous applause…..