Rise Above The Pain And Don’t STOP Until You’re DONE 

Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute or an hour or a day or even a year. But eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If we quit however it will last forever we are spoiled, some of us are spoiled just the bottom line our parents have done everything for us, we never had to do none of ourselves we are spoiled were going to keep it real. Some of us are spoiled brats, everytime we get in trouble somebody in our house got us out of this!  Everytime we have done something we are not suppose to do. Everytime something get hard we quit. Go through it we are gonna die! At the end of the pain is SUCCESS we are not gonna die because we are feeling a little pain. But once you get there, the world is yours.

It’s Your Life

It’s Your Decision

Work hard and you can have whatever is that you want! Being happy doesn’t mean everything in life is perfect, it simply means you have decided to live the life despite and imperfections. We may not be ready, and that is OK. Sometimes we have to learn as we go. But we do have to be committed, because that’s how things get done. By deciding what we want. Never get so comfortable in pain that happiness is still an option. Accepting less should be unacceptable.

Your Bruises Will  Heal Your Scars Will Fade 

Eventually You’ll Be Okay. 

If you’re struggling, you deserve to make self-care priority. Whether that means lying in bed all day, eating comfort food, putting off homework, crying, sleeping, rescheduling plans, finding an escape through a good book, or doing nothing at all – give yourself permission to put your healing first. Quite the voice telling you to do more and be more, and today, whatever you do, let it be enough. 

The Pain That Been Feeling, Can’t Compare To The Joy That’s Coming


Feel your feel your feelings, breathe, and be gentle with doing the best you can to cope and survive. And trust that during this time of struggle, it’s enough. When people walk away from you let them go, your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn’t mean that they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over. 

What Is Yours Will Come To You In The Right Way At The Right Moment


When it seems things are not going right and may never be right again. Accept that what is yours will come to you in the right moment. In this day and age we have developed the habit of “instant gratification”, which means we tend to want everything quickly and if it doesn’t come to us quickly, we’ll tend to give up and stop taking actions to create our end results.

Show Your Abilities And Keep Taking Actions

Take your time, keep pursuing what you want in life and keep taking actions that take you closer to your end results. What’s making us restless is their ability to con us into believing in the goodness that they don’t have at all. Their ability to fool us to see only their temporary nice behavior. Go for permanence and nothing less than that. Seek 100% truth, and not half because that’s what you deserve. 


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  1. Sagar Kavaiya

    Very true.. Now i m tending to do all these things. Bcoz lyf teach all the lessons at the right time. Well done raash..