Rise | Web Series | The Dream Ride |

RISE, a web series about people like you and me. Shrey (Vikrant Massey), is excited about his new dream bike and is looking forward to living life in the fast lane but life has other plans!

Episode 1: A biking road trip is something that most only dream about, Watch Shrey, follow his longtime dream of a cross-country road trip, with his recently purchased dream bike.

He is all set to live his life in the fast lane. But life has other plans!


Episode 2: Now with this new twist in Shrey’s life, there are decisions to be made. Will he end up selling his dream bike or go on a journey of a lifetime against all odds? Will Shrey follow his passion and take that road trip?


Episode 3: Taking his father’s advice, Shrey is all set to take his first ever solo road trip but he soon hits a speed breaker: A 55-year-old filmy man “Sharmaji” (Atul Srivastava). Watch the duo team up for a journey full of unexpected surprises.


Episode 4 : Will this road trip make Shrey rediscover himself? Be a part of the final leg of Shrey’s unforgettable Journey.


Hope you enjoyed the story.

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