ROWAN ATKINSON: Make The World Laugh Without Saying A Word 

Rowan Atkinson also known as “Mr. Bean“. A popular comic actor and writer. A Legend who made the world laugh without saying a word. 

Excellence Is Not An Act But A Habit  -ROWAN ATKINSON

Did You Know? The Story Of ROWAN ATKINSON’S Struggle 

Rowan Atkinson was born on January 6,1955 the youngest of four brothers. He couldn’t speak his entire life because he has a stammer (speed disorder) consonants for the “B” sounds. 

His father was a farmer belonged to a middle class family but this could not stop him!!  He suffered from stammer. But he converted this weakness into his strength!

I Always Feel That Whatever I Do, I Could Do Better. I Suppose It Is Perfectionism  -ROWAN ATKINSON

Atkinson studied at Newcastle University and Oxford University, and earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering .

While studying masters he co-created and co-wrote ‘Mr Bean’ for which he is so famous. 

I Am Not A Naturally Funny Man. I Find That I Can Only Be Funny, If I Become Someone Else  -ROWAN ATKINSON 

Soon, he was entertaining at several theater clubs and on comedy shows for BBC Radio 3

In 1979, Atkinson wrote and starred in the BBC’s. Not the Nine O’clock News Show. 

Mr. Bean Taught Me One Thing In Life. Enjoy Your Own Company Instead Of Expecting Someone Else To Make You Happy.

To Be Successful You Don’t Need Beautiful Face Abd Heroic Body, What You Need Is Skillful Mind And Ability To Perform It  -ROWAN ATKINSON 

In 1981, Atkinson became the youngest performer to have had a one-man show in the West End. In 1990, Atkinson starred as his originally developed character Mr. Bean on the TV series which was a great success!

Atkinson reprised his famous Mr. Bean character in a comedy sketch of the opening ceremony of 2012 Olympic Games

Some Worth Knowing Facts About ROWAN ATKINSON 

I Want To Express Myself In A Different Way. I Have A Performing Inclination  -ROWAN ATKINSON

Your Services Might Be As Useful As A Barbershop On The Steps Of A Guillotine  -ROWAN ATKINSON 

•Atkinson and Britain’s ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, were schoolmates. 

He once saved a plane from crashing when the pilot fainted even though he never flew a plane before.

He was awarded by the CBE for his sevices to drama and charity.

•Rowan Atkinson’s current net worth is about $130 million.

When You Can Make Three Generations Of People Laugh Their Socks Off Without Uttering A Single Word  -ROWAN ATKINSON

•Atkinson  loves cars and racing. He owns many extravagant cars. 

I Consider Myself More Of A VISUAL COMEDIAN Than A Physical One  -ROWAN ATKINSON

•Atkinson also played a supporting character in James Bond Movie ” Never Say Never Again” (1983).

•He was one of the guests at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as the one of the Prince Charles and Camilla.

•The original name for Mr. Bean was “Mr. White”. It was then changed to “Mr. Cauliflower” before setting on “Mr Bean”.

Love Yourself! Because, You’re The Only Person Who Will Be Wuth You Your Entire Life. 

Atkinson ‘s stunning daughter Lily stole the show at Jhonny English Reborn premier.

What Rowan’s Story Teached Us?

Rowan story teached us that for success you don’t need a beautiful face & heroic body. All You Need Is Hard Work and passionate about your dreams. 

Do Believe In Your Dreams! 


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