Food apart from people forms a very important component while describing any place and it’s often reflection of its topography coupled with the socio-historical culture. And Rajasthani food, much like the state’s golden desserts majestic forts and rich culture heritage is quite fascinating. While a trip to Rajasthan to soak in its true flavors may definitely be worth it, you could get a taste of the same at the recently opened restaurant “Royalasthan”. The walls outside are adorned with paintings based on the culture and the ambiance inside tells us more about the culture of the place. The colors and lighting are kept at a yellow tinge and this brings the feel of forts and palaces in Rajasthan. So if you are looking for a different taste and planning to have a great meal on a special day. Royalasthan is presenting a wide range of a signature dishes with the spicy flavors of Rajasthan.

“Every single thing you look at in the restaurant is hand-picked. Even the paintings symbolize the culture,” says the owner, Chemmal Manian.

Food is everyone’s weakness and when it comes with likeable cuisine then it always make people’s mouth water. India is country where every region cooked a different and an elaborate menu. In every region people serve their style of cooking and the most important, their purest love in the form of food. The traditional Rajasthani cuisine is influenced by the availability of ingredients in the arid region and in different seasons. They will prefer multi millets bread as it will give them certain vitamins which are good for health. Rajasthani cuisine is well known for its spicy tangy flavours as also for sweet dishes.

Chennai has many multi cuisine restaurants and hotels and now there is another one on that list named Royalasthan, as the name suggests, is all about Rajasthan and royals. This is the theme of the newly-opened restaurant on R K Salai, Mylapore that specialises in typical non-vegetarian cuisine from the desert land. They chose the name Royalasthan since they wanted to serve people the cuisine that dates back to the kings. There are many communities in Rajasthan and the predominant ones were Marwari traders and rajputs. The trader community moved across the country. But that was not case with rajputs. They never moved far and the cuisine still remains unadulterated. The rajputs were hardcore non vegetarians.

You’ll find yourself standing in awe, admiring the vibrant colours that have been painted on the walls of R.K. Salai’s newest Rajasthani restaurant, replete with brightly painted windows and giant doors that resemble those of a haveli. The walls outside are adorned with paintings based on the culture and the ambiance inside tells us more about the culture of the place. The colours and lighting are kept at a yellow tinge and this brings the feel of forts and palaces in Rajasthan Now get a chance to savour cuisine royal rajputs style at Royalasthan it is lovely spot for those who love north Indian cuisine.

Restaurant interior

As a welcome drink, the restaurant serves sharbath. Served at room temperature, the drink is refreshing. Then came the thali. There were phulkas and different Rajasthan-based subzis. They also have three different kinds of pickles. A chicken subzi and mutton subzi were also served and it was all done in the traditional way. To support this, Chemmal has brought his entire kitchen staff from Jodhpur. Even the masala’s are brought from there. 

Royal Rumble

Padharo Sa

A word of caution before you head to Royalasthan; get there early and book your table because the waiting period can be a quite bit. In the menu there is variety of mouth watering dishes packed with flavour. Most of the people have the misconception that Rajasthani food is only vegetarian when there’s actually another section of people who predominantly eat meat. While Marwari’s are purely vegetarian from Marwar, the rajputs are non-vegetarians who moved to Gwalior and Indore. Chemmal Manian, owner at Royalasthan promises authentic food right from the kitchen of Jaisalmer, quite literally “All the masala’s and even the staff are from Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. For the Shakahari Shuruat (vegetarian appetizers) you will get Hara Bhara Kebab is spinach and sweet peas crunchy cutlet and non vegetarian starters they have Shammi Kebab. 

Spoilt for choice

Dining Area

They also have a wide variety for vegetarians like Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Subzi and Papdi Subzi. In the non-veg section, the traditional Laal Maas is the signature one. It is a fiery mutton dish which is spicy. The dish is said to be the favourite of the Rajput royals which is prepared with whole spices and chillies and simmered for hours. Apart from this, they also have a range of mutton dishes common in this cuisine. In non vegetarian dishes they also have Rajdhani chicken and Kheema Kaleji- both fiery dishes. While the rajdhani chicken is strong and flavoured, the kheema is slightly lower on the spice level and filled with curried minced lamb liver. Royalasthan’s stand out dish is their Laal Maas (red meat) this dish is prepared with whole spices and simmered for over two hours.

Signature dish of Royalasthan

Signature Dish Of Royalasthan

The signature meal of Royalasthan is their Royal thali which consists of three varieties of Rajasthani vegetables and the softest Paneer curry, Ker Sangri (unripe fruit and beans picked from two types of trees in Rajasthan, cooked to a pickle consistency by soaking in turmeric water and then mixed with mustard oil and pickling ingredients) Baingan bharta, Papad Subzi, Gatte ki Subzi and one thing you must try that is Besan Halwa , Chaanch (spiced butter milk) and for accompaniments they serve rice and Phulkas. They also have variety of Indian bread which id famous in Rajasthan like Makki ki roti and Bajra ki roti with ghee on it. 

The surprising part is that the owner Chemmal, who is a vegetarian, seems to know more about meats. “This is not a business, but a passion for me. I wanted to do something different and had a friend, who comes from the royal family, help me with it. There are several vegetarian restaurants, but there are only a few non-veg places that served authentic Rajasthani cuisine,” says the owner Chemmal Manian

“Rajasthan is not just about luxury, but also about hand work. That is the reason we have decorated the place with several handmade paintings,” he smiles.

Chemmal Manian

NOTE:  Royalasthan is open from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm for lunch and from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm for dinner.


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