Search for happiness 

Once upon a time, two dogs taking with each other said that they were not happy with their life. The first dog said let’s go to God. I think God knows where happiness is. So both of them Visited God. They said, God, we are not happy with our lives, there is not enough joy and happiness in our life. Where can we find happiness? God replied oh happiness is in your tail. The first dog tried catching it’s tail without eating, or sleeping and this continued for 2 weeks after that the dog died due to hunger, sleepless and other diseases. The second dog play ate and slept with joy. He said wherever I go happiness comes with me because it is in my tail. So he did his work with great enthusiasm because he knows whatever work he did happiness was with him.

That’s with life as well. Many people fail to find happiness while searching it in their life. Other find happiness in just what they do. Happiness is a state of mind which you can feel, but not a thing which you can buy. Some people find happiness in 50,000 Honda Activa yet some are sad with 10 lakh worth city Honda. They think they will be happier in an Audi car. I am not saying that material things don’t play a role in happiness but the problem is that you always find a negative side and crave for what you do not have.  Who knows this may be your last day on this planet. So be happy with whatever you have and where you are right know.  Remember there are many who don’t have even the little that you have and still they are happy. Happiness is a spiritual attainment !!

Stay Motivated 

Stay Healthy 

Stay blessed 


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