Self love is the BEST

Loving yourself is the most important thing that you should do in order to improve yourself. Some may be very unconfident about themselves which makes them to feel inferior and stay unrecognised about their own potentials. But the truth is each one is born with so many talents which takes time to be realised by themselves and later when time comes they get the opportunity to establish themselves. It can be said that SELF-LOVE is the best way of improving oneself.

Fall in Love with “YOURSELF”

Sometimes you really wonder why others don’t like you. May be it’s the reason you feel inferior and also that’s where all the other problems start. Its common that almost all the motivators say “Start loving yourself then others will love you.” Have you ever experimented with this statement? If you haven’t very well it’s time to develop your confidence level.

Let’s do it step by step. First of all never bother about how you look. However odd you appear, think that you are beautiful -“The most Beautiful”. That’s when you start admiring yourself. Boost up your confidence level in whatever you do. Let people criticize you. Remember, the more number of criticisms you get, the more you are growing up. But never you are going to get disappointed.

“Failure is the stepping stone to success “. Okay forget about the old monotonous proverbs. Just face the failure boldly. Go ahead and say “Yes” to more failures. Assume that you are going to grow up only through failures.

“Never hate others or never do trust them too “. Believe me, this will be a great life slogan for you. Once you start loving a person, they will feel more positive as your energy gets transmitted to them in the form of love. Be nice with everyone, but never you are going to trust anyone. Know your limits as love has know bounds but trust has a very delicate limits.

Never hesitate to try new things. Once you start being sportive nothing is going to hurt you. Once you be ready to face anything, its all only Success you are going to achieve.

Last but not the least, spend time for yourself. Take interest in being lonely to think about you. Show excessive care in grooming yourself. That’s all the secret of being a hero of your own story.

So ready to fall for you and make others admire you?!

The power of hope

Even prayers get answers only when we pray with hope. Hope is the best way to face things. Even when you face any obstacles in your life, hope is the only thing that helps you to overcome everything. It’s you who is going to do everything perfectly. Hope that you are the best and do the rest. Your mind possesses the enormous power to control things and thoughts possesses the power to decide things. When you think that you can overcome it, it’s definitely going to be a positive response. So only by hoping to face any kind of difficulties, you can overcome the pain when you hold on to it with hope.

Positive perspective

The thoughts produced by you closely has a great connection with the happenings of your life. When you think in a positive manner , the results are going to be positive. When you think in a negative manner, it’s going to end up in a tragic way. So have a positive focus to everything. Develop the habit of seeing things with broad mind. The feel that you are going to succeed in everything must arise from within. That must be the power of your thoughts so that you are going to face no failures.

Develop your nature

When you start loving yourself, you will find vast changes in your improvement. The more you give importance to yourself, the more you improve. Try developing your skills and try learning new things. Find chances to gain more exposure and to learn about different fields. Meeting new people will enlarge your circle as each one is unique in their quality and they can influence your character too. Consider the good qualities from them and try empowering yourself.

Time for yourself

Don’t ever waste your time on thinking your past or future. Just live in the present. Worrying doesn’t change anything. It’s all about how much time you spend for yourself in developing. Only if you understand yourself completely, you can try to understand other’s. And bothering about other’s conduct towards you is seriously not going to help you. Only you can help yourself. No one is going to stand behind your problems, but they can be the REASON BEHIND YOUR PROBLEMS. Let them gossip about you, or let them back bite you, target you and create all sorts of troubles to you. But they are not going to help you in achieving anything or they are not going to achieve anything by doing all these. Let them spend time in thinking the ways to trouble you, but you just don’t think about them but go ahead in your way.

So remember it all depends on nothing but YOU. ITS YOU WHO GONNA LOVE YOURSELF LIKE NO ONE ELSE!


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