Self Love


I want to wake up free from this.

I want the days to feel longer and the to take my breath away.

I want to swim in the ocean whenever I feel like flying, and I want to rest over the earth whenever my body is aching.

I want this stress out of my life, out of my heart, and I want fear to dissolve as I exhale.

I want to live, goddammit. Is that too much to ask ?

I want every moment to make me feel as if my life is meant for something, as if every step I take is one step closer to paradise.

I want love, but not just any.

I want the kind that will keep me on my toes, and the kind where only fools rush in.

That hard love, that rare love, you know ?

I want the world, all of it, for what it is and what it was, and for what it could be.

I just want to feel something, anything that will catapult me toward better days, toward days where I am free,where I am able to kiss the sky and grab a few stars to claim as my own.

I want peace. I want happiness. I want to be me.

And this is the realest shit I have ever written,and I just want to keep it real with myself, even if that means losing everyone I love.


One day you will look back at your past and you will forgive yourself for your mistakes, and on that day you will accept your scars and you will love yourself no matter what.


But you know what is stronger than bombs ?

Inspiring people.

That’s the kind of thing that’s strong enough to change the world.

~ Adios


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