“She is beautiful”

She is beautiful but not like the one you find in music videos, no, maybe not that. She lives strong, wild and crazy; live in her own world . she,s is far from perfect, she is raw in madness.Loving her is feat in itself . But in this crazy world of imitation, she shines as real as poetry. She is someone who will watch stars with you when night grows cold. Someone who is worth every moment of your day to spend with. A beautiful interwoven mess , and yet her presence carries the light of ray you need at the end of the dark tunnel . She is pure chaos, but not the one who arrives to ruin your dreams but one that knocks to clear up your path .You might dislike her at a time, but you’ll keep loving her stronger than ever , all over again .

`She is not beautiful for somethings as fleeting as looks, but the the sparkle that lies deep down when she bares her soul is what defines her beauty 


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