Yes, I am ALWAYS told to be soft and gentle whenever I greet

And be calm and quiet whenever someone meet.

I’m often seen as dim, flimsy and lack strong force

Well!! Hello there you need to recheck your resource

I can go to work nine to five

I can pay my own bill to survive

It’s my decision of my life

I might be happy to be a housewife


I Work 18-20 hrs. a day

Without a pay.

It’s depends on the way I want to stay.

Oh! And don’t forget this for a while

It’s me who give birth to a new life.

I always appreciate it a lot

that being a female is indeed a beautiful gift of god

Every drop of water that form the river of my existence

know how to stay calm or create violence

knows to be steady

or lazy


or emotionally stable.

There are far more shades of me

Than you see.

It’s my choice to flirt

Or let my feelings covert

I might cheer I might sigh

I can be gregarious or I can be shy

It’s me

It’s who I love to be

In my life,

Your opinion, comments, criticizing message

Value not more than a rind of peanut in a garbage

I may have a clear vision for what I want to do

I might be a wanderer too

Say whatever crap you want to say

I don’t care,

Because I know I am unique in my own way

I might be perfect or filled with flaw

But never ever treat me like a nugatory law

I can be concerned or carefree

I can be foe or a devotee

I may delay or foresee

I am a girl, a female and I agree

That I am profoundly proud to be a “SHE”.


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