Should you go for both group or single group

When you clear CPT exam, & enter into IPCC you will see a huge syllabus because you didn’t study enough syllabus in CPT. When you started study in IPCC you are in dilemma i.e. you should go for both group or single group.  This question mostly arise in every student when he/she fills the exam form. Before considering you have to analyze yourself that how was your preparation. decision of giving both or single group totally depend on you & on certain factors.

Before decide that you should go for single or both group you must know the pros & cons of giving  both or single group. I’m trying to solve out your dilemma & tell you for which group you should go. There are certain factors that will solve out your dilemma. These factors are explained below:

1) Time: Time is a considerable factor in deciding anything  & specially here. This factor consist of remaining time you have for preparation. You have enough time for preparation of both group then you can go for Both group otherwise you should prepare yourself for single group.

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2) Study hours: Second most important thing is your study hours because when you prepare for both groups you need to study very hard specially in case of first attempt. If you can study enough to cover all the subject in the remaining time then you must prepare for the both group otherwise you should go for single group.

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3) Classes time: If you want to take any classes of both group then you have to also consider the timing of the classes. you have to arrange your study with putting coaching classes in your mind. After classes how much time remain with you for study in that time can you revise the whole subject or not. you have to consider these fact also.

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4) Confidence: Another point i.e you confidence level & this point come from inside you. You should ask yourself can i do or not. You should go with your inner answers.Mostly the confidence level come with your preparation. If you are confident that your preparation is good them go with both otherwise single group.

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5)  Opportunities: If we think about opportunities it is obviously more in both group then the opportunities in single group you will get some benefit like aggregate benefit. So i can see the more opportunities in both group then in single group.

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Conclusion: In the end i will advise you to go for both group without any reason because both group have more benefit then single. If you go for both you scored less in one group & higher in other you will be declared passed if your aggregate marks is fifty percent & if you go for both group your chances of clearing one group will increased. so my personal advise is go with both group.       


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