Sip On 100 Varieties Of Tea

If you’ve not been to the original Sharon Tea Stall in Indiranagar, then go NOW and be baffled by the 100-odd varieties of tea that they serve there. Everything from Kashmiri Kahwa to Oolong tea is available on the menu.

Sharon Tea has a dedicated clientele, and in the past six months has expanded to three branches in Bengaluru. He sells upwards of 1,000 cups in a day at the first branch that he set up at the corner of Thippasandra Road in Indiranagar.

Started by Daniel D’Souza in May 2007, this tiny stall attracts crowds from across Bangalore, including film stars. Choose from regular tea with milk or tea without milk and there are multiple flavors of each to select from.

“Customers would come and tell me that they have a bad cold and if I could give them something for it. I started experimenting with ginger, pepper, herbs and other ingredients for cold and coughs and even diabetes,”

  • Among the Milk Tea varieties, Ginger and Elaichi flavors are the most popular.
  • Tea without milk – Honey ginger lemon tea and Lemon mint tea are very popular. Flavors such as apple-mango, strawberry etc. are also available.
  • Hibiscus tea is a must try, made from actual hibiscus flowers and supposedly very good for health.
  • Chukku Coffee is an interesting Tamilian version of coffee made with cardamom, pepper, dry ginger, and jaggery. It is said to be good for the throat.

Daniel was a driver before he decided to start his own business. “I was drawing Rs 6,000 a month as a private driver,” he says. He gave up his job after he would be called to work even on a Sunday. “I could not miss church on Sundays and since there was no alternative I quit my job,” he adds with a smile. At that time, Daniel’s brother was running an electrical shop where Sharon Tea’s first stall is standing now at Thippasandra. “My brother was planning to shut that and he suggested that I start a tea shop,” Daniel tells me.

Sharon Tea Stall

32, 2nd Main, 1st Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Mobile number- 9738447078

Price: INR 8-25 


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