Sometimes it’s OK to be SELFISH! 

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Heya lovely people!

This world is a beautiful place to live in.

Since childhood we are taught and encouraged not to be selfish and that being “Selfish” is a bad thing. But as we grow up,we realize that being selfish is necessary sometimes for the sake of our health, our future and ofcourse our aim.

Yes,sometimes it’s Ok to be selfish!

Helping others and making them happy gives us a feeling of pure joy but then there are times when people expect you to do everything for them and that’s when you need to say a NO!

Yeah its good to help others but sometimes somewhere some things are just not meant for you and so its better to step back and say NO

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This is 21st century my dear.. Here people have two different identities.. One is reel which they show to the people and the other real which is behind their fake smile and innocent face.

Not everyone has a pure heart.

Not everyone you think is good.

Not everyone we know deserves our attention.

If you keep forgetting yourselves and What actually do you want ,you might end up hating things you used to love.

Well the positive aspects of being selfish are that you will not blame anyone for anything that happens, you are not likely to give up on your goals and you will realize that the only person who is with you all the time is only YOU.

But you must keep in mind that being selfish does not mean we have right to hurt others.. Be selfish for your health,your happiness and your family and not for hurting others.

Put ur heart into something and that positive thing will never ever leave ur heart.. Just do the best for yourself and say -“I am doing it for myself” coz its not selfish to love yourself and there is nothing wrong with focusing in your own happiness.


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