Specially for Koenigsegg lovers… Part-1

Hi guys, This is theFifteen things you didn’t know about KOENIGSEGG. welcome back guys, we’re hoping you’re all well and happy because we have something super exciting for you today we’re talking about Koenigsegg.

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An carmaker that begined in Kingdom of Sweden not see you later past by this guy bearing the corporate name Christian Koenigsegg despite a rocky start it had been ready to crack its means among the Giants of the automotive trade, now rivaling the likes of Bugatti and McLaren although it only began 23 years ago Koenigsegg hasn’t been by any means a follower of the trade, but rather a constant revolutionary innovator what many of you might not know is that Koenigsegg is actually a very small company in 2016 having only 130 employees on its payroll however do confine mind this can be double than last year, so cool things are happening with their increase in capacity they’re aiming at making around 20 to twenty five cars each year that may sound extremely low however you have got to contemplate that every of those cars is priced at slightly below two million greenbacks that will mean the corporate aims to get near to forty five million greenbacks in 2017 if they manage to sell everything thereupon same let’s get into it here ar fifteen things you didn’t know about Koenigsegg.

Number one

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Christian von Koenigsegg was solely twenty two years recent once he supported the corporate in 1994. Well most twenty two year olds worry regarding school school assignment career or working out their gender this guy was beginning a company, the young Swedish guy with a significantly bright mind was beginning at that age what came to be a multi-million dollar luxury automotive whole that will conquer the planet automotive scene and not a really long amount from its takeoff. He got his inspiration from watching the Norwegian animated movie called pinch cliff Grand Prix’s back in the day he was running a trading company called Alfred’s in the years of his early 20s and with the cash he created there from the food export business, he was able to finance his dream of starting a car manufacturing company that would produce the perfect sports car.

Number two

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The initial design of the Koenigsegg cc was drawn by Christian von Koenigsegg himself after several years of ambitious planning and serious sauce Christian who had never studied engineering launched the Koenigsegg project with associate initial style that he had arranged down himself, designer David Crawford used this design and built on it and the prototype that emerged became the backbone of the company during its beginning.

Number three

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Koenigsegg develops and produces the whole vehicle on its own. Most automakers developed the conception of a vehicle then source the assembly to specialised makers then assemble the automotive after Koenigsegg on the opposite hand produces the main systems subsystems associated elements of any vehicle in-house with the efforts of around a hundred and forty s as well as an engineering department of twenty five engineers semiconductor diode by Christian von Koenigsegg himself the only a part of a Koenigsegg vehicle that’s not created within the Koenigsegg mill ar the Michelin tyres.

Number four

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There ar solely 2 koenigsegg ccxr trevita within the world. In 2009 Koenigsegg declared that a special edition of the ccxr vehicle was within the creating from its name trivita that roughly interprets into 3 white, this edition would consist of 3 items of white special versions of the ccxr model the bodies of those 3 vehicles were designed to contains tempting carbon-fiber coated with poudrin giving the proprietary diamond weak due to a technical issue that created the assembly of those vehicles too pricey Koenigsegg solely finished 2 of them.

Number five

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The most high-priced automotive key within the world belongs to a Koenigsegg Agera. Koenigsegg customers are usually searching for luxury among other things but one of the customers who bought a Koenigsegg Agera took his demand for luxury a few steps further than usual, thus requesting what came to be the foremost high-priced automotive key within the world he is created out of Pt and wrapped around this edge on colorful carats of pure diamonds. The automotive key alone is calculable to possess price 200 and fifty thousand greenbacks and that is quite a Bentley Continental GT bran-new.


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