Stay Hungry For Success – Steve Jobs

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Someone once asked Steve Jobs, “What keeps you motivated?”

Steve Jobs replied – “My hunger for success. My hunger has destroyed my fear of failure. Being hungry is the key element of my success. I am not satisfied with what I achieved yesterday. I want to make progress, to innovate, to grow and to revolutionize the world .”

“Be ambitious and passionate about what you are doing and success will find you”

– Steve Jobs


What does Steve Jobs’ famous phrase ‘Stay Hungry’ means?

‘Stay hungry in life’ means never be satisfied with what you have achieved in the past because if you do so, you will eventually fall behind. You can always build something better. Always stay curious, ask questions and at the same time keep your ears open and listen, because you never know what you might learn.

Just like Steve Jobs, you must get hungry for your success too, because your hunger gives you the motivation to take massive actions that are necessary to achieve success. Being hungry is the secret of success that all the successful people in the world know of. You can take the examples of Lionel Messi, Mark Zuckerberg, Leonardo Di Caprio, and every other successful person. They all are hungry for success in whatever they are doing and their hunger motivates them to get going in the toughest of times and they ultimately achieve success.


There is always room for more success-

I would also like to add here that most people are hungry for success but when these people achieve success, they get comfortable. There is nothing wrong in getting comfortable but life is not all about being successful. Life is about innovation, learning, and growth. No matter how successful you get, there will always be room for more success. Growth is a process, not a final destination. Learn from your past and be ready for your future.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change. So never stop learning and always look out for the next big thing”

-Charles Darwin


The Message-

The one thing that I know about all the successful people is that they are all hungry to do something extraordinary in their lives. They all face pain and setbacks in their life, but it is their never satisfying hunger for success that keeps them motivated. They know that the motive of life is to create something greater and to do something unique.

Just like all the successful people you also have the power to create something great and to do something unique. Have the hunger to constantly make things better and to innovate. Find new ways to make the life of you and other people better and you will be successful.


-Steve Jobs


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