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Hi guys! Welcome back. Today we’re going to get motivated. 

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Compare the fern with the bamboo:

The fern: You plant the seed and it’s grown up in a few weeks the fern is out there

The bamboo: You plant the seed you keep on watering it, watering it, watering it for first year you see nothing on the surface has come out, the second year again nothing has come out, the third year again nothing five years in succession nothing comes and then all of a sudden the bamboo starts shooting out and within six months it has shot a hundred feet.

So what was it doing for those five years you’d say it was doing nothing, but it was deepening its roots because for it to rise a hundred feet it needs such solid roots if the roots are not strong it’s going to fall over like the sequoia groves, now this requires a huge trees and if my chance thus acquired seed has fallen in a place that’s not strong enough after 200 years the tree falls over the roots cannot sustain.

So the bamboo needs such strong roots it’s going to shoot a hundred feet up those five years it is strengthening its roots. Similarly God wants us to reach that perfection it will take time, and in this time there will be mistakes, there will be errors, there will be times, when we fall but, “never get discouraged” see all these as opportunities to learn and to progress.

The world may say you are a failure but God will never say it, so many things in this world were rejected as failures and later on they became great successes.

We have all heard of Walt Disney’s, he was such a failure that he was making some cartoons for some church and, the only place he had to stay was the rat infested place that is where he got the idea of the rat cartoon

We’ve heard of the author of Gone with the Wind when he presented his manuscript to the publisher, the publisher wrote on it rejected and that became one of the biggest successful novels in history.

We’ve heard when Alexander Graham Bell he made his telephone he presented it to an investor that person said take the sky off my table I am NOT interested.

We heard when Wilbur and Orville Smith they were trying to create their aeroplanes three days before that in the New York Times there was an article in the editorial these crazy people and their crazy machines they are actually thinking that they will fly up in a machine impossible only birds can fly and three days after that they succeeded so there is no such thing as a failure it’s a constant learning process.

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