Sufi:-  The Essence of Emotionalism

The term refers to the connection of heart from almighty or I should say the relationship of soul to god.

History of Sufism:-

Sufi mysticism endeavored to produce a personal experience of the divine through mystic and ascetic discipline. The term Sufi appears to be derived from the Arabic word “Sufi” meaning “wool” in the sense of “cloak”, referring to the simple cloaks the original Sufi’s wore.

 Abd-Allah ibn Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah

Yes, you read that name right he is the first person who has been  given the title of been a Sufi.

What is Sufi music?

As I have stated earlier  “Sufism is the connection of heart to almighty”  similarly  Sufi music is the purest form of music one can ever get to know about. It is the form of worship of the almighty by an individual through which he or she can connect his/her soul.

And music does not have any boundaries despite of the caste, creed and religion.

It has been inspired with the great works of many famous poets who are well known for there writings such as:-

  1.  RUMI
  3. HAFIZ

There are some of the famous singing sensations who are well known for there contribution to the music industry through there work and talent.


The first name which comes into mind when it comes about Sufi music is ” USTAD NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN”

He is best known for his contribution in the music industry with a specialized genre of Sufi music. He was a Pakistani vocalist best known for his works in QAWWALI and other traditional singing. Widely considered one of the best of all time and is still admired a lot in the music industry and in the audience who is a very big fan of  Sufi music within themselves. He first performed at the age of 16 at his father’s CHELUM. He became the head of the family qawwali party in 1971.With an unmatchable vocal range, and spiritually explosive voice, he could charge up an audience with extreme positivity & vitality. Having sang more than 10k qawwali compositions, in more than half a dozen languages, he infused the Sufi instinct across masses like none else.While the Japanese called him , “The Singing Buddha”, the Americans called him, “The Elvis of the East”, there came a point when Madonna, and Michael Jackson proposed to have concerts with him during the closing inches of his life. Nusrat may have died, but his legacy, his persona, his aura, his legend still lives on.


Abida Parveen is a Pakistani sufi singer of Sindhi descent and one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music. She sings mainly ghazals and kaafis and is held as one of the world’s greatest singers. She is a renowned musician of all time her works in the music industry has been deeply admired by the followers of  Sufi music many of us have heard “CHAAP TILAK” from coke studio which is a very famous song of all time.  Abida gave that song her voice and made that song a milestone.

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Rabbi Shergill is a great Indian Musician and a Sufi singer. He was born in 1973 in Delhi. His song ‘ Bhulla Ki Janna’ was on the chart-buster list in 2009. his music has a bani, Punjabi and rock style. He is also known as Punjabi’s music true urban balladeer. He has also worked with Yash Raj Music, Phat Prish Records and his Sufi songs has snatched hearts of many people. His Sufi songs has always been on the listener list which made him renowned after struggling for a couple of years. He started his career by working in Times FM.

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One of my personal favorite and one of  the most admired & renowned singer of the present era. Ustad ji had a very long list of hits in his  closet.Presently, the most in-demand Sufi musician, Rahat ji is the brainchild of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan . Though Sufi music was very much present in Bollywood, but since the entry of Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ji, the levels of Sufi induction in mainstream playback singing in bollywood have gone onto an altogether different level. With his cut-glass recital of lyrics, he relies on extreme vocal lifts in selective portions of songs. Also, he is one of the very few singers who sings the Sargam in exclusively lucid style.

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One of the singers whose voice embodies a rare touch, a rare connection of innocence and spirituality, this man, when he sings Sufi, is always on a meditative mode. His Sufi compositions are soulful, hard-hitting and surprisingly difficult too. He has given many hits which includes Saiyaan and Teri Deewani which becaame the major hits of all time in his career and are topping the charts. His voice modulations is the most unique quality which he persist within himselves.



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