Living a life isn’t that much easy. One person has to go through a lot of struggles each day and everyone is surviving in this world with a great fear whether they will wake up peacefully in the next  morning. A Human being is generally ought to be socialized in order to survive. So he can’t neglect himself from having a conduct with others. But all are not same. Each one is different. Each one calls themselves as “Good” and never does anything good. Some call themselves bad and just tries being what they are.  The truth is everyone in this world are good. But the situation decides whether they are good or bad. Its obvious, situations play a mighty role in each part of our life. One might be good. But the other might create a bad impact . Sometimes, when the situations become worse, we just hate living and blame ourselves for being born in this world and some tend to end up their life. Yes I’m talking about SUICIDES. SUICIDES are the decisions that people arrive to when they are tired of being depressed. It’s a wrong decision too.

Self killing is foolishness

Ending your life is not the end of the problems you are facing. You are rather ought to find the solution to overcome the problems. You get lot if chances out of which you should try to improve yourself but not to kill yourself. Your lovable ones will miss you. More than that what about your dreams that you had set to achieve? So you want to let them fade away and have decided to fade away?

 Remember one thing its better to sleep in your graveyard with memories rather than dreams which are unachieved. If you are being cursed by others, it means you are growing up; its not that they don’t appreciate of what you are doing. If you are doing mistakes, it means you are getting a chance to correct yourself. If you are facing failures, it means you are nearing success. Losing hope and ending up your life takes you no where. Myths tell us that those who are committing SUICIDE will go to hell. But the fact is people those who leave the world without achieving anything will definitely go to hell, if hell really exists.


It is very sad to know that about 8 lakh people are committing SUICIDE around the world and 1,35,000 of people are committing SUICIDE in India. The major issues behind these cases are found to be Family problems, Illnesses, poverty, Love affairs , unemployment so and so. And majority of the SUICIDES has been done with poisoning, hanging and self immolation. Majority of them belong to the age category of 15-29 and 30-44. 76% of men do commit suicide, and more men are likely to involve in this comparing to women.

Steps to avoid depressions.

Once when you start feeling low and depressed a best way is to keep you engaged with something you like. Listen to songs that are pleasant but don’t listen to sad songs and the lyrics might make you more depressed. Hanging out with friends is a greatest remedy. That helps you in creating mire memories too. Having a pet also helps a lot. Talk out your heart with someone you trust and it may make you feel warm. Never stay alone because that might make you to think more about your past and also your difficulties. Start giving importance to yourself and care for your health and fitness. And moreover everything, if you are still feeling insecure and low, better seek the support of a good psychologist so that they might help you in coming out of what you are going through.

Life is precious

Life is precious. Its more worth living. The world is so beautiful. The people around you are more lovable. It all relies on your perspective of view. Life happens only once and no one has the right to ask  “ why I was born?” or none has the right to end up their own life. Life and death are both boons which should take place by itself without our own plan. But all it depends on HOW WE LIVE. Your life is the only  thing that you are owning. Its not whether you are rich or poor, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or a dunce. Its all about  whether you are happy or sad. Each one’s justice varies. The thing which you believe that it’s right, seems totally wrong to the other one and vice versa. But the only rule you should follow in living is “DO WHAT YOU LIKE; NOT WHAT OTHERS LIKE”. Only you can satisfy yourself better than anyone else.

Live the way you Love and love the way you live. Remember that you are facing just a bad day but not a bad life. Try ending the problems with solutions but not your life with some “solutions”!


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