Impacts and importance of “leadership”

Leadership is the capacity to lead a group with some significant valuable characters. Following are the impacts and importance of leadership.

Impacts and importance of “leadership”

 If one needs to rule this society, “character” is the most significant thing. At the same time a leader should have the correct visualization for their endpoint. The valuable characters such as assurance ,honesty, proper vision, good announcement, self control, courage, responsibility, ability, creativity, empathy, coordination, acceptance, appreciation , decision making, elastic, patience, etc are important qualities of a leader. If a leader fails to have anyone of this, It will generate a big issue among the group of people. 

Confidence – it plays a energetic role in the excellence of the leader .If there is a lack of self- confidence the group cannot be led properly.  The leader should have sufficient confidence to say no in the society for the action which is happening against truth.

Honesty-not only for the leadership but for being human, goodness is the basic requirement. One should be honest for their self and the society too.

Coordination-it helps the leader to lead the group in an operative manner; association in the group will give a good understanding among members.

Impacts and importance of “leadership”

Acceptance– A leader has to accept failure and mistake, he/she should increase value of the members in an  group for the better outcome.

Decision making-while making judgments, a leader should have to get the guidance from the group and think the situation in all possible views.

Inspiration– leader should be a person of model, he/she can be talented to inspire the future age group with the creative idea and innovation.

Service-leader should be prepared to serve for the society at any time and at conditions and most important thing is he/she should not be unfair for any one.

Leader should solve the requests of the people as soon as possible. Leader should try to up-lift the standard of the society, There will not be any attack, protest, or any action that against his/her ruling. You should not perform any action against the wish of the group member. A leader should handle his people properly without creating any mistake .Future prediction is the most important quality of a leader, at any case he/she should not misuse his/her possibility and power, leader should be easy to approach, and give right for the people to think them self’s to make their own judgment.

Impacts and importance of “leadership”

People’s responsibility. If you want to choose a good leader first of all you must be a responsible citizen, you should not select the best among the worst. Selecting the wrong leader will lead to a serious change in the quality of the society. While selecting the leader the people should not be partial for anybody people want to have sufficient courage to raise your voice compared to the evil things happened in the society.

Impacts and importance of “leadership”

Hold on !

Animals don’t have any organization like this, but they are existing a better life.
Why does human want a leadership system???
God gifted us with 6 senses, it is the unusual advantage to the mankind, at the same time it is very risky. we are the persons living our life with better understanding and amendment among the society, in order to protect our self from the adversity ,we need leadership scheme which helps us to live a squired and nonviolent life, therefore we require leadership.


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