Surround yourself with PIZZA not negativity

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Ever since I was a little girl, pizza has always had a special place in my heart. From pizza day in the school cafeteria to pizza parties at sleep away camp, there was nothing more exciting than when that cardboard box was opened to reveal a round pie with eight delicious slices waiting to be devoured.

Early on I learned that everybody eats their pizza differently. There are those who fold their slices in half, those who eat their slices with two hands, and those who like to cut their pizza with a fork and knife. Some people soak up the olive oil with a napkin, while others don’t mind a greasy slice. Some people like the crust, while others live for that first bite. Some people decorate their slices with spices, while others like it plain.

Nearly any ingredient can be put on pizza. From pepperoni and olives to barbecue chicken and pineapple, every pizza pie is like a unique work of art. Every pie is a different shape and size. There are thin crust pies, deep dish pies, and everything in between. There are pies with different cheeses and tomato sauce, or even pies with a completely different base altogether.

So, with that in mind. And in keeping with the original theme of my blog, I thought I’d compile a list of the 10 reasons I adore pizza so much.

10.Melted cheese

I love cheese. I love all types of cheese, well, aside from cottage cheese, I just Cheese is a staple part of my diet and if you’re gonna melt it for me then I’ll probably be your new BFF.  Just watching that cheese stretch out when pulling a pizza slice away from its pizza home is a wonderful, wonderful sight.

9.It’s perfect hangover food

Picture this; you’ve had a heavy night. You can’t remember if you stumbled through the door at 1am or 5am.  Could be later.  You drank ALL of the wine.  The last 3 hours of the night are a total blur, in fact it’s not even a blur, you just see black when you think back to what you may or may not have got up to after that 9th shot of Vodka.  The day after the night before is going to be long and it’s going to be painful.  You’ll be too nervous to go on Facebook through fear of what photos may have been uploaded of you, or what you may or may not have posted on your ex-boyfriends wall .

Pizza will make that hangover disappear. Unless you’re throwing up.  Then you just need to sip water as and when you feel you can and feel sorry for yourself whilst reminding yourself that you’ll never drink alcohol again.

8.I’m never left feeling unsatisfied

Pizza fills a hole. Often the act of eating pizza goes far too quickly but I’m always left feeling full and happy after.  And that my friends is a great feeling.

7.No washing up involved

No cutlery is needed. No plate (unless you’re posh, which I most certainly am not).  I can just eat and go straight to bed.  Amazing.

6.It never lets you down

Had a shit day at work? Order a pizza.  Been dumped? Order a pizza.  Got a cold?  Order a pizza.  Had a row with someone? Order a pizza.  Any issue you’ve got can temporarily be remedied by a pizza.  Yeah OK, so things will be back to being shit once you’ve closed that empty pizza box but just for those 15 minutes you’re eating said pizza, you’ll be in a state of utter euphoria.

5.It’s universally recognised

I have eaten pizza all over the world. Well, I say world, all over Europe because the furthest I’ve ever been is Cyprus.  Everyone serves pizza. Everyone understands the word pizza.  You will NEVER go hungry.

4.It brings people together

Because everyone loves pizza (if you don’t then why are you still reading this?) you’ll always find a common ground with someone. If you’ve just met someone and you’re struggling to find a way to strike up a conversation just ask them how they have their pizza.  You might end up disagreeing with them, but hey, no more awkward silences!

3.It stops arguments

What shall we have for tea?

Nah that’s boring.

Well you suggest something then.

I always suggest something, why are you being such a prick about it?

I’m not being a prick, you’re being a prick.

How about pizza?

Great idea.

2.Nothing, I repeat NOTHING beats that feeling of seeing the delivery driver walk up your drive. Not even looking at your first born child for the first time (OK, I exaggerate slightly)

that feeling of seeing the delivery boy walk up your drive. Not even looking at your first born child for the first time (OK, I exaggerate slightly)

Honestly, I do a little pizza dance everytime I see the pizza boy is coming.

Hero’s don’t always wear capes.  They wear baseball caps and bring you pizza.

1.Come on now, do you really NEED 10 reasons? I had you at the first one.t

Try pizza at your home?


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