Everything sweet, bright, and ever serene. Right?

But the reality of that brightness comes as an apocalypse

Apocalypse of family, career, friendships and what not!

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The most destructive part in the lives of these teens is played by the distractions! firstly, in this stance; they frame their infatuation in the picture of “TRUE LOVE”, then they stop living in the present and start living in the future. The main master of this problem is a trend! In today’s time having a boyfriend/girlfriend is a trend! And the one not having a boyfriend/girlfriend is in search of one.

So, I must tell you, The basis of selection of girlfriend/boyfriend! The priority of the majority is ‘Appearance’, ‘figure’, ‘dressing sense’, and all the other visible factors! Then comes the priority of the minority having the sense of humanity, they judge people on the basis of ‘behavior’,  ‘work’, ‘ similarities’ etc. and this gives the main twist to the story!

Now for the next few months/years, the relationship is like a piece of case. The climax enters when one of the two gets bored or a misunderstanding comes their way; now you see the most interesting part is that; the two who “loved each other to the fullest” now “hate each other to the fullest”. 

So, the one who wishes for a ‘the end’ gets stuck in a labyrinth. And the confusion and heartbreaks go on and on!

Now comes the Queen of the story; “CAREER”, In present times coaching institutes play a great role in enhancing and shaping the mind of a young teen!, February, March, April: toughest part of a teen’s life. Then again comes the end of the month; April: most confusing and testing part of a teen’s life, For they have to choose the best coaching institute for themselves. “Zindagi behaal hai”.

You see if there was no Sharma ji’s daughter scoring 91 percent in boards, or there was no Verma ji’s son scoring 97 percent I boards; no one would have been searching for the best centers. this can also be named as the ‘ drawback of our worthy schools’.

And there comes the controlling system of these teen’s life; “FAMILY”, this controlling system is a constant of a sweet sixteen. Families are the access information of the life of a teen. Families are the holder of emotions which bounds a teen to get distracted!

The young nights of a sweet sixteen just surround around these three factors which make a difference!     


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