Take PRIDE in your RIDE

Pride has a very large part in our world. Pride is the monster that can keep two star struck lovers apart. Pride is the parent of destruction. Yet, the definition of pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s or another’s achievements. Pride is seen as probably the most  deceiving and worst out of the seven deadly sins. 


 So many options yet, pride is still seen as one of the worst things a human can do. But sometimes, in place like ours,  pride is the only chance of surviving. Nobody dares questions a mans pride because he might be left with a bullet in his skull.

Pride equals Respect and Respect adds to Pride. It’s an ever lasting cycle over and over again. it never ends.

I would say that I am a proud person. Purely because I am not proud of everything I have done. I know my flaws and I know my weakness. I’m proud of my Knowledge. I’m proud of having my own meaning. 

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I’ve been called rebellious, wrong, a black sheep, weird… Because I refused to be what everyone else is. Because I stand by my beliefs.  I always have and I always did. My pride isn’t always a bad thing… maybe it’s a good thing that’s just preserved as bad by people who refuse to perceive it. 


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