The 20th century can be plausibly be described as the “first age of mass media”. The popular medium cinema is now a century old.Society has now clearly realized that cinema is the effective instrument of entertainment, instruction, motivation and construction. Since whole world identifies cinema, it is the universal medium.The heavenly thing about cinema is that it provides visual space for them to live in their dreams as it tells the story more effectively and creatively.

Tamil cinema, centered in Chennai(Kodambakam)is considered as legacy of south India and often overlooked. Although it is Bollywood that is considered as capital of Indian Cinema, it is Kollywood having great attraction on masses. Cinema has become a part and parcel of Tamils. The face of Cinema all over India is different in Tamil Nadu.We interrelate the picture to our lives. We emote our feelings through channels of cinema. It may be ridiculous but we can’t accept our hero die even on screen. It is ‘part of hospitality to treat guests by taking them to films’.

The medium of cinema is morely ventured on commercial hands. So it has less chances to exhibit the reality.Even in the medium where a single hero can able to manage the crew of 20 goondas, where a heroine role is all about dancing in pair with hero, some cult movies bud as boons in every decades.

Cult movies are those pictures which are remarkable by its story at any era, where the story has its own fanbase rather than actors.Fortunately, in recent times audience support is going bang with cult movies.Young directors are also passionate towards cult movies. Let us see some cult movies with critical screenplays of Tamil Cinema in different genres.



The film has written and directed by Selvaragavan. This movie is a clear document of behindwoods of politics. It clearly pictured how rowdies form, their sufferings,their families,friendly enemies.It showed the dark side of the knot between politicians and rowdies.This film would be always a glory for those actors. And the music should be clearly noted for its excellence.


One of the best gangster picture Indian cinema has to offer. Its unique narrative style and effective screenplay has taken its bars high.It has varied and unexplored genre to Indian audience. A very thoughtful script and a good mix of actors have added flavor to it.It is about normal people caught in unexpected situations and their transformations.

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The film was written and directed by duo Pushkar and Gayathri. This is for all those who do not know about the Vikramaditya- Vedhal stories.The movie was specially honored internationally for its screenplay. And also the performance were nailed by the leads Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi.It amazed with the demonstration of skills.Dialogues are the main highlights of the film. 



The film has crossed 15 years since it released. But when it released in 2003, it was a flop at box office. This can be evident that people found it often difficult of non commercial movies.It clearly imparted ideologies on religion.The movie can not only make impact but also can change us as a person. The music has been a pearl in the whole set.An exceptional work in Tamil cinema. 


The film is black comedy crime genre written and directed by Nalan Kumarasamy.The aptly titled Soodhu Kavvum tells the story of petty criminals.The actions and decisions of a crew led by Das(Vijay Sethupathi).The actor had guts to play a forty years old being so early in his career.The script was appreciated for its overwhelming creativity that too in ludicrously.

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The film is written and directed by Ram,one of the critical directors of Tamil cinema.It screened the extinct scenario of Tamil in Tamil Nadu. The movie is about a young Tamil post graduate who is mentally affected gradually turns psycho and becomes normal when is love returns.The movie went many film festivals securing glory to Tamil cinema.

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Love is a journey which makes your life colourful.And this movie is all about celebration of love.Celebration from the time they saw each other,getting married secretly,thrown out from family,quarrels,get in accident and finally admitting they cannot live without each other.We still remember Madhavan saying‘nee azhaga iruka nu ninaikala’..The celebration is more colourful with A.R.R’s composition.


Yet another masterpiece from the Director Selvaraghavan.The movie interprets the actual love in middle class.It is noteworthy for its open representation of heroine’s desire in second half.Overall, the movie is great piece of Indian cinema.

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Moreover, there are some political satires like “AMAIDHI PADAI”(1994) and social dramas like “ARUVI”(2017).

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Concluding that it’s also nice to welcome such Cult movies during filmy fridays. 


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  1. Swetha

    Finally someone acknowledged KATTRADHU TAMIL <3
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