Falling down from eye,

Telling truths we cannot deny,

Rolling over the face

Like passing through a maze

Of our craze


Lost in thoughts deep inside

A sharp pain we are trying to hide

A web that is bizarre

Feelings leaving scars

In our heart

In our mind,

It does bind

Our thoughts to reckon

The steps we could have taken

To share

To understand

Or to be in a negative land

At last,

Either slow or fast

Anger or pain are the fate of tears

Or sometimes we do lear.

And no doubt

We try our best

But these tears are “the uninvited guest”

I swear,

For us they will never care

And will again and again in our story interfere

We can try but can never avoid

And in heart they will leave an undesirable void

Once more they give us a sleepless night

They let us and our emotions have a fight

But sill we’ll be the one suffering from pain

And heart and mind struggling with horrid thoughts again!


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