Each person has a world of stories inside their head…This is my world of stories…

The world is made up of a thousand stories…There are stories in the smiles , in laughter of the people , in every hidden emotion of a person…..there is this really captivating world of stories!

Do you ever feel like you just went past through a story where ever you go? 

Human Emotions~story behind a smile.

Well I do. All the time! So …..  I thought I should probably start with describing how I thought about stories and how fascinating the “ world of stories” is to me. 

Like seriously… I can find a story in every nook and corner I look into. In the green grass which were pale yellow a few days ago until the rains decided that it was the rainy season and they couldn’t be  literally chilling up there with the dark clouds . Even the rains realized their responsibility.I can even hear the stories , the perky parrots tell while they tell the dry trees to become green and pretty like them.

There are a lot of stories around us that are yearning to be heard. We just need to sit beside them , lend them a little time and listen to them.But who wants to listen , or even have the time to . We pass by thousands of stories every second but who bothers to give an ear to even a single one of them .

If we talk about the different kinds of stories ….. yes!  Maybe we should talk about the different kinds stories around us. A person is not any less than a novel except not everyone knows how to tell their story in an interesting way that would make people listen to them. But then again there will be that one person somewhere in the universe that will find your story interesting  if nobody does now ,  or even more than one , who knows?

Anyway. So, the kind of story you are going to listen from a person is directly related to the kind of mood they are in.  Like a sad person would tell you a sad and traumatic story that might not be even true. Or might be. Psychologically?  As we already know that no story is true or untrue . It just has a different perspective that varies with an individual.

In seeking the truth you have to get both sides of a story.


  A happy kid , full of playfulness would tell you the story of how he and his friend invented this new game that they play very often and how he always win it with extreme sense of joy. An unknown group of idle bachelors would unintentionally tell you a lot of random fun stories about random stuff that they randomly made up for no specific reason but just for fun because they were bored and didn’t know what to do. Sometimes being with your old , close friends also makes you the most worthless person in the world . Like you don’t have anything to do and all you know is to laugh at whatever comes out of your friends’ mouth .

So this is how varied and fascinating the world of stories is .

To me at least.

What do you think about my story of stories?


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