The Curse of Dowry

The world ‘Dowry’ means the properly which a women brings to her husband at the time of her marriage. Indirectly it is also believed that it is a legal gifts given by the parents , relatives with love & affection . Also it is said that to settle her new life for a easy set up helping hand is given from the bride’s side. It is practiced from early age in the whole universe. Every father wants to please their daughter when she leaves home & starts a fresh life. There is nothing unusual, bad or abnormal about it.

As time passed the system named ‘ Dowry’ has worsen into a evil custom. It has looked upon as an evil and a curse; at the same time it became an important factor in marriage. Gradually, it became necessary for the parents of the girl to give a good dowry to her whether they could afford it or not Worse situation seens is the married life of a woman/girl came to depend upon dowry. Now marriage became impossible in the absence of a handsome dowry. Several girls, whose parents could not afford a good dowry, had to commit suicide as their greedy is- laws made their lives miserable.

We can see newspapers carry full of reports upsetting tales of brides being burnt to death or driven to hang themselves because of constantly harassing by their in laws. There are so many examples like some girls consume person or jump down the multi – storeyed buildings to escape from the clutches of the cruel dowry seekers.

It is really tragic, in their modern world of today, the evil of dowry continues to exist in all its horrid forms. Even after marriage slowly some homes are broken & several families are driven to ruin because they are too poor to afford a rich dowry. Before the selection of the bride all her previous deep rooted background like, education etc are a primary consideration. Now in an alliance dowry is the only major consideration. Hence , the token of love & affection has become a cause of cruel & unfair way of exploitation.

Some parents have to suffer heavy debts for giving dowry. At times, they remain under dept for the whole of their life. Sometimes the girls parents are compelled to commit suicide in disgust and despair. No matter, therefore, the birth of a daughter is considered to be a curse in some families especially the existing orthodox families.

In the recent past, the government of India and many states have taken some anti dowry steps. In some states, dowry has been make a offence under law. But legal steps are not enough. Dowry seekers must be singled out of the society. The Government should implement the anti-dowry bill strictly in the right spirit. Nobody should be allowed to violate the law. Expenses at the marriage celebrations should be cut down. Required & needy couples should be given loans & grants to set up their homes & start their new life. If necessary installments could also be asked Religious heads & voluntary services or Social Organizations should encourage dowry-less marriages in large numbers. Girls should raise voice against dowry seekers. They should refuse to marry the boys who expect dowry.

Government had publicized for anti-dowry act, but this law is being exploited by some girls or their parents to blackmail the boys or their families after marriage. Husbands are forced for huge sums of money to get divorces on threat of prosecution. Steps should be taken to see that no family is unnecessarily harassed or exploited , divorce should also be obtained easily. Boys & Girls both should be given equal rights in obtaining a divorce procedure.

To remove this evil system of dowry from the society, strong public opinion is required. Pledge by all school students & college students should be made that they would neither seek nor give dowry. They should be educated through every media like radio, T.V, film slides & mouth publicity by camps, lectures etc. Special honour for boys should be given those who refuse to accept dowry. Hope for a new generation.      


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