The Evil Eye Curse Is Real

           What is Evil Eye?

“The Evil Eye Brings A Man Into His Grave And A Camel Into The Cauldron”

Evil eye is an envious look directly at a person that can result in misfortune, disease or severe injuries. Evil eye is not a superstitious belief rather it’s as scientific fact which works on the principle of thought waves. When a person direct his negative thought waves on other person, the forthcoming life events of the victim is delayed or denied. The power of human thought is so immense, as it can break or make a society.

    History And It’s Origin

“The Evil Eye Is True, So Perform Ablution For It”.

The earliest known evidence for belief in the Evil eye goes back to ancient Greece and Rome. It was believed that the largest threat to anyone who had been praised too much, or received administration beyond what they truly deserved. The praised person would become so swollen with pride that he or she would bring about his or her own doom via the Evil eye, which was believed to be able to cause physical and mental illness.

It was thought that the God and Goddesses were punishing those who had become too proud of their achievements, or destroyed them with the power of evil eye to restore them to the level of mortals. A belief in the Evil eye is widespread on every continent. The Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Central America all fear the Evil eye. In Shahih Muslim book 26, the Prophet Muhammad warns about the dangers of evil eye and says that one must take a bath in order to counteract the effects of the Evil eye’s power. Much as in classic Greece and Ancient Rome, Islamic culture holds that excessive praise will bring about the ill effects of the Evil eye. 

    Most Common Evil Eye                “SYMPTOMS”

“Envy Is Half Blind It Only Sees One Side Of The Story” 

•ACCIDENT-> Evil eye can damage to your car! When someone looks at your car with envy they can cause evil eye to your car.

 •DEPRESSION -> Evil eye can cause Depression. If you’re very happy in your life and someone gets jealous of you and your life, this can cause evil eye to you directly causeing you to go into depression.

•HEADACHE -> Evil eye can cause Headaches. In some cases very severe headaches. In fact getting a headache is the most common symptom of evil eye.

•BREAK-UPS -> Evil eye causes Breakups. When couples are happily living together and others watch them and become jealous this causes evil eye on their relation. This will cause the breakup between couples or extreme fights and arguments.

•BUSINESS FINANCIAL LOSS -> Evil eye can cause Business Financial Loss when you are on top of the world and becoming very successful or are enjoying financial success, people become jealous, this will cause you to get evil eye and cause your business failure or financial loss. 

   Evil Eye Effects On Most          Famous Celebrities




Bollywood stars who come from illustrious filmy family have their careers set! While some continue the legacy and good will earned by their famous parents others have been in news for reasons that tarnishes their career and spoil their family image. The top spoil star kids of Bollywood->


 Controversies-> Rash Driving,Harrasment,Shooting Black Bucks 

Bollywood star Salman Khan was first arrested for Rash Driving in 2002. He parted with his lady love Ashwariya Rai Bachhan, on the set of film ‘Chalte Chalte’ ashwariya slapped him and throw the allegation of Harassment. Later 2006 he once again face the heat of legendary shooting of Black Bucks in Jodhpur so which he even spent some days in Jail of Jodhpur a few years ago.


Controversies -> Shooting Black Bucks,Hitting a Photographer,Manhandling.


Controversies -> Abuse & Alcohol, illegal Arms, Connections with the Underworld.

Sometimes everything hits us all at once. We lose a relationship, change jobs, old friends go and new friends come. It’s up one day and down the next. We have it all together on Monday and by Thursday you don’t have a clue. Life is one big wave and all we can do is flow, grow and adapt. 

     How To Overcome Evil                            Eye?

Not Everyone Deserves To Know What’s Going In Your Life 

We show the world everything. We show strangers our success,our prides of joy. We expose every blessing, every success, everything that God has blessed us with. But evil eye is so real, we advertise every little thing to everyone, expecting every person we come across to be happy for us. The saddest truth is that not every single person out there who looks at your pictures or hears about your good news will be happy for you. Some people will genuinely be upset about your success or happiness. Some will pray that they blessed with it instead of you. This is why you shouldn’t share every blessing God bestows on you. Keep it to yourself and stop sharing it with every person you are acquainted with. Learn to keep things private and not to share too much with those who could possibly harm you.


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