The Innocent Tears

“Tears are simply the raindrops from the storm inside us!”

<!– –>

The Unspoken Words do come out with the Serene Tear Droplets with deeper meaning than what a tongue let a soul speak .

The emotions of the soul bearing a huge amount of pain and grief unable to convey through words which a body only mimic ,

The frozen eyes and the intensity of fears ,

Carrying the burden of responsibilities and duties getting heavier ,slowly coming out with the flow of tears,

As they come out they decrease the stress of the depressed soul , letting it free.

<!–– –>
All they’ll do is fake a smile.

No , they don’t cry in front of others , they have their own ego , the way they cannot speak in front of beings due to the same ego .

But silence is the best remedy ,

And in the silence of the moist eyes lies the weakness of other souls.

The powerless eyes get the energy after letting itself free ,

Allowing the water droplets to rain in her own city ,

<!–– –>
Cry because it isn’t your weakness!

Sometimes making the pillow her city , sometimes the coal in her mascara polluting the atmosphere of her skin.

She ZIP UP her tears in front of others ,

To make them feel she is strong and independent ,

And fakes a smile beautifully , only understood by the people who love her,

The tantrums and the emotions are hid until someone provokes and let her self free ,

To cry , to break apart , to shout, to fear less , to join herself again even stronger after flowing her Innocent Tears ?

<!–– –>
Say goodbye to your pain and let  yourself free!

“Sometimes words are not enough to describe what you need, sometimes a stare is enough to tell everything  you feel, sometimes distance doesn’t separates you but words does, sometimes silence is all you want and peace is all you get, sometimes closed eyes can see more than what an open eye sees, sometimes a tear drop is all you need to let yourself free!”

Teardrops On My Guitar!


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