Everything in the world begins and ends with the lovely smile. The smile is the symbol of the love, care, trust among the people. Between those lovely smiles the smile of the parents on seeing their kids is the priceless one. This priceless smile takes off form the birth of the little baby and it never lands. That happiness can’t be just explained by the words.

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The First Priceless smile

The first priceless smile begins from the unbearable pain and the crying of the mother changes into the million-dollar smile of seeing and hearing her little new born baby’s cry, and the tension of the man outside the room changes into the pretty tears with lots of love and care along with the little smile in his face on hearing the baby cry. That smile and the tears describes the unconditional love that they showed to her baby while it’s in her womb.

I bet you, that’s the first and the last time that the parents smiled for their babies’ cry. That single priceless smiles consist of thousands of lovely feelings that they have stored for months. Moreover, the babies are the symbol of love that their parents have in each other.

They spend their whole life to care and mold up their children’s future without expecting anything in return from them. They even sacrifice a lot of things because of their children.

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The Best Priceless smile

The smile which the children brings on their parents face at their old age is the best priceless smile in the world. The parents even sacrifice their own happiness for their child’s happiness.

They do that without any hesitation and expectation. That’s what the real love is, the parents in their old age really longs for the care and love from someone whom they can trust blindly just like the new born babies, but most of the people today thinks that their aged parents are burden for them. 

“before thinking them as the burden remember that they cared for you at the age you need the care by sacrificing their own happiness”.

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There are around 728 old age homes in India, and 15 million elderly people live all alone in India. Nowadays people are ready to travel thousands of miles in search of GOD in Religious places by leaving the living GOD(Parents) in Old Age homes.

“The best priceless smile is the smile that comes in the face of parents while their children’s care for them like the kid”   


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  1. Sathish Kumar

    Yeah dude…u was explained lovely about Very Powerful and most beautiful smile is our Parents smile…I realised from this… Hereafter my all efforts will make them smile 😍😍 Don’t make them
    cry😪It’s promise dude🤗😎