The real secret to success exposed

I went on a quest recently to find that one perfect thing which can propel one to success in a single shot. I went through writings of several authors who laid emphasis on hard work and encouraged one to follow their passion in order to taste success. However, I didn’t find this statement appealing. This is because I have seen many people struggling all their lives and failing despite putting in a tremendous amount of hard work in their venture.

I knew there was something more required to succeed at anything apart from hard work and following one’s dreams. While pondering for an answer, I came across the book titled 10X. Out of curiosity, I began flipping the pages of the book and absorbing every single detail I could find in it. This book contains in it incredible findings that promise success for sure. This book holds in it real treasure which compels one to propel in the path towards success. The author states that success is our responsibility, obligation, and duty. You would barely come across a friend better than success. Have you come across anybody benefitting from failure? Being successful not just helps you, but it helps others as well. You can give your family a better future as well as brighten up the lives of others who come in your contact.

Are you still wondering what this 10X is all about? 10X is more of a formula. If you apply this to your life, then one thing I can assure you is that you will certainly be successful in your life. Regardless of the situation, you are in, what you are doing, whether you wish to succeed in sports, in personal life, business or in any situation, 10X can help you what you dream of. I will elaborate what 10X is so that you gain a better understanding of it.

For instance, let us consider that you are trying to launch a product in the marketplace which already has immense competition. Let us name your product ‘X’. If you want your product to create a buzz in the marketplace and gain acceptance from the consumers, then you have to put in 10X formula. This means providing better quality as well as making it 10x cheaper than the existing product. No one can stop you from embracing success if you are doing 10x what your competitor is doing.

The concept of 10X can be employed by students as well. Just try to understand what the topper of your class is doing. If he or she is studying for 2 hours per day, then you make it a point to study 20 hours in a day. If he or she is solving 10 questions per day, then you must solve 100 questions per day. If you are into business and your competitor is providing X quality services, then you must provide 10x quality services. Regardless of the goals you set, make sure to multiply it by 10.

If you want to succeed in your life, then you must ensure that you do whatever you set out to do with persistence and discipline. You can find more information in the book ‘10X’ written by Grant Cardone. He is a public speaker, author, and entrepreneur and certainly has the right formula for success that you badly need today.    


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