Prawns are also known as shrimps and are with commercial significance in fishing industry.

Prawns are a low fat source of protein and also contain potassium and phosphorous and is a good source of Vitamins A and E. Omega-3, fatty acids both of which can reduce inflammation and your risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritics as well help with brain function.

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How to cook delicious Prawn Delight Fry:


• 1 kg of prawns cleaned with turmeric and salt.

• Handful of curry leaves.

• Garlic flakes ¼ kg cut longitudinally into small piece.

• Tomatoes 4 large sized cut into small pieces.

• Dry ginger powder 1 spoon – small size.

• Fennel seeds powder (sombu powder) 2 spoons – medium size.

• Refined oil.

• Chilly powder.

• Turmeric powder.

• Coconut milk.

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• Keep the pan on the stove and heat it.

• Pour oil of about 6 tee spoons.

• Add curry leaves and allow it to fry.

• Fry the cut garlic pieces.

• Add cleaned prawns and tomatoes in the pan.

• Mix everything and add chilly powder, sombu powder, turmeric powder and salt and allow it to cook.

• Add 1 cup of thick coconut milk.

• Now allow all the ingredients to cook well and cover it with a lid.

• Within 10 or 15 minutes it will cook well and become thick.

• Add some more curry leaves and oil until it fries to the extent you require.

• Garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it.

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How to serve:

• It can be served by mixing it with rice and garnishing it with coriander.

• It can be served as a dish with chapati and dosa.

• And can also be served with white noodles.

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