The Sun city- Jodhpur

Jodhpur “The Sun City” was founded by Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, in 1459. It is named after him only. Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India was previously known as Marwar.  It is divided into two parts – the old city and the new city. The old city is separated by a10 km long wall surrounding it. Also it has eight Gates leading out of it. The new city is outside the walled city.

Jodhpur is a very popular tourist destination. The landscape is scenic and mesmerizing. Jodhpur city has many beautiful palaces and forts such as Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhavan Palace and Rai ka Bag Palace. Other charms of Jodhpur include Government museum and it’s beautiful Umed garden. The city is known as the “Sun City” because of its bright and sunny weather throughout the year. Jodhpur, the second largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan has a distinction as the blue city of India. It got this name due to the vivid blue-painted houses around the Mehrangarh Fort. Originally home to the highest caste of Hindus, setting them apart from the rest of the population, it has been declared as the second “Metropolitan City” of Rajasthan after its population crossed a million.

Some local festivals of Jodhpur city, which may interest visitors, are Nag Panchami, Marwar festivals, Nav Sati, Gangaur, Veerpuri fair, Holi, Diwali. These festivals are celebrated amidst great cheer and religious fervency. The entire city dons a colorful and gay look. The age old traditions and culture of Jodhpur City interest most tourists who undertake a visit to this city. Polo has been the royal sport of Jodhpur since medieval times. Polo enthusiasts visit the city to participate in the various equestrian events that are held here. Jodhpur is also well known for its furniture industry, handicrafts, glass bangles, cutlery, carpets and marble goods. Jodhpur also boasts of a unique cuisine. The local eateries accord the tourists a delectable platter of local culinary delights.

Jodhpur is a colorful city. It throbs with the romance, beauty, glory and warmth of a populous desert city which has stood testimony to civil wars, love affairs, intrigues and a display of power and wealth. The traditional folk dance and music performances, which are held at night, are great attractions to the visitors.  Jodhpur has a mystery in its air when it comes to cuisine. The traditional style stays the same like the rest of Rajasthan but you can find many interesting delicacies that takes the cuisine to the next level. If you have a sweet tooth, you would love this cuisine. Many classic Rajasthani desserts originated from Jodhpur. Many authentic foods are available only with traditional shops. On the other hand, there are international chains of restaurants for those who want to taste their home style occasionally. 

Let’s start Jodhpur food guide

If someone, while roaming around the world, come across an area where in every street or market he finds number of shops of sweets and Namkeens then he is surely in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

It is said about Jodhpuri People that –

It has maximum consumption of “ghee” compare to rest of India
People living here has only one blood group i.e “ghee positive”

If one were to pick that one thing that stands out in the blue city, besides the magnificent fort and royal palace, it will definitely be the generous serving of desi ghee in almost all the dishes. Rajasthani cuisine has a unique charm to it. It is interesting to see how a state, where water is so precious, tactfully uses locally available ingredients to create some lip-smacking dishes. Dairy products such as ghee and milk therefore form the basis of most preparations, and when teamed with spices, the dishes transform into something extraordinary – rich, delicious, and brimming with flavour and then there are the local snacks – samosa, kachori and Mirchi Bada. Nothing like it! Walk past a street and chances are that the tempting smell of freshly made kachoris is going to catch you midway. You will find yourself choosing through the different kinds – Mawa Kachori, Pyaaz Kachori, Plain Kachori etc. Team them with a cup of masala chai.

And if all these treats have got you thinking that it is no place for meat lovers, you are in for a big surprise. The famous mutton dish Lal Maas will have you hitting the roof with the high spice level yet making it hard to resist biting into the tender, slow cooked meat. Red as blood, it is best teamed with crisp Tandoori Rotis laden with ghee, or if you want to go a step further in indulgence, call for Warqi Parathas that are actually made with ghee. Then there are other divine preparations to look out for – Jungli Maas, Khad Khargosh (rabbit), Bater (quail) Roast, among others.

Coming to the sweets, you will be spoilt for choice again. Rajasthani folks take their sweets seriously and are known for balushahi, julan jamuns, malpua, ghevar, churma, besan chakki, makhan bada, imarti, jhajariya.

5 specialties of Jodhpur you must try 

The royal city of Jodhpur is known for its tehzeeb, palaces, grandeur and not to forget, its rich cuisine. Marwari cuisine has varieties in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines but most locals prefer vegetarian fare here. Also, you will get a million options in desserts. Here are some dishes which you must try whenever you visit Jodhpur.

Mawa kachori

Mawa Kachouri is deep fried, khoya stuffed savoury which is served hot after rolled in a thick chasni or sugar syrup. These delightful desserts are a highlight of Jodhpuri cuisine.

Pyaaz ki Kachori 

Bite into a crispy hot covering of Pyaaz Ki Kachouri only to taste the spicy moong and onion filling inside. There will be a burst of flavours in your mouth. It is almost blasphemous if you don’t taste this namkeen while in Jodhpur

Dal baati

Rajasthani cuisine is incomplete without mentioning Dal-Batti-Churma. Round balls are made out of flaky dough and are roasted till golden brown over traditional chulha. Accompanied with desi ghee, these balls are dipped in a dal made from five pulses, before eating them.

Mirchi bada

Popular chai-time snack, Mirchi Bade is nothing but deep fried green peppers with delicious aloo stuffing and gram flour coating. You will experience a variety of flavors; sour, hot, sweet tickle your taste buds just as you bite into this snack.

Lal Maas

Extremely popular meat dish, straight from the palaces of Rajasthan, Laal Maas is a main course dish made by using red meat. This gravy is made up from grinding red chillies and assortment of local spices.

Local food of Jodhpur:

Sabji’ enhances the quality of food overall. There are many delicious varieties of ‘Sabji’ that are exclusive to Jodhpur.

Let’s talk about some of the famous ones:

Gatte Ki Sabzi

It is made by rolling besan and frying it. It can be found in the menu of every restaurant of Jodhpur.

Ker Sangri Sabzi (also known as Pachkutaa)

It is made by mixing Sangri, Ker and Kumtiya. It is popularity can be assessed by the fact that it is available in the form of Sabji as well as prickle (Aachaar).

Kaju Draksh ki Sabji

It is made by Kaju () with Draksh. Somewhat sweetish but adorable taste. It can be found in the menu of every restaurant of Jodhpur.

Traditional Kadhi

Ah! all-time favorite of every citizen. It can be mixed with any other dish and will taste different than both of the mixed dishes.

Gulab Jamun ki Sabzi

In the next section you will find Gulab Jamun listed under sweets-section. To be honest Gulab Jamun is a sweet. But creative people of Jodhpur has made a Sabji out of this sweet. It is very unique tasting dish and can be redily found in the menu of every restaurant of Jodhpur.

Sev Tamatar ki Sabji

Sev’ means apple, but not here. It is a Sabji made up from Namkeen Sev (you will find more about it below under Namkeen section). Very tasty and I guarantee that once you have this this will be your all-time favorite dish.

Malai Kofta ki Sabji

Kofta is a Namkeen (see under Namkeen section). But thanks to creative people of Jodhpur, a delicious Sabji has been made out of it. It can be found on the menu of every restaurant of Jodhpur.

Lasan Ki Chutney

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This is favorite of everyone as you will find it everywhere. It is served to enhance the quality of dinner. When you mouth feels salty and in need of refreshing dish try it out. You will not regret it.

Some famous Food dishes and their availability locations in Jodhpur

“Chaturbhuj” Gulaab Jaamun

A small shop, more than 100 years old, has a unique taste and method of manufacturing “Gulaab Jaamun”. Size of this dish is almost two times as compare to what we see around the world and its taste is like amazing. I bet one cannot find such taste anywhere in this world. A worth visit shop is situated in Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate.

“Ghee Ki Kachori”

Have you ever heard about a Kachori made in Ghee?? I think no because you’ll find this kachori only in Jodhpur A crispy tasty Ghee Ki Kachori is available inside city area of Jodhpur where you can find people often standing in a queue for purchase. Being crispy, taste of this Kachori is much better than other normal Kachoris. A worth visit shop is also situated in Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate.

“Rabdi Ke Ghevar”

This is also a unique dish of Jodhpur. Ghevars are usually large in size approx. 200 mm. Or 250 (8″ or 10″) squares or rounds and are either sweetened with syrup or served topped with sweet rabdi (i. e. Thickened milk ) . A very famous shop for this cuisine is “Moolji Ki Hotel”, located at Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate. 

“Special Pyaaz ki Kachori & Mirchibada”

A very special cuisine with a mouthwatering taste is available in Jodhpur at almost all the Namkeen shops. The most famous shop is “Surya Shahi Namkeen” situated at Jalori Gate Circle. Marketing of this item and this shop is not required as the Smell of this dish is so unique that it can easily get catch attention of road passers.

Janta Sweet Home

With multiple outlets across the city, this eatery is known for its kachori, samosa, balushahi, rabdi laddu, and other quick snacks. They also have fast food and juice counters. Other than these, you can also pack namkins, khakre, papad, pickles, etc. The Onion Kachori here is to die-for and the Mawa Kachori is definitely worth a try (the kachori is palm-sized and comes doused in sugar syrup).

Jodhpur is a city where you can see royalty in everything and to taste all these Jodhpur food you must at least stay two days in Jodhpur. You will never forget their taste and will want to keep visiting. Jodhpur is a true kaleidoscope of bright colors. Along with its heritage, culture, bustling bazaars, and magnificent palaces & forts of Jodhpur, one of the major attractions is the rich & mouth-watering cuisines of Rajasthan. From tangy veggie curries & spicy meats to yummy desserts – food of Rajasthan is for all.


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