The Three Perspective Of A Caper!!

Usually, we come across only two perspectives of the CAPER of our lives!

we never try to think beyond the apparent situation! But the enigma of life lies in the third phase!

Under such circumstances we often claim it to be DESTINED!

story’s third side!

OUR SOCIETY  stands the highest in making opinions or defaming the ones who don’t go with the rules of others! You see if a common thing too is done by a prominent person it becomes a thunderstorm. No matter whatever the reason is!

Likewise, The people who end up in a relationship are not always the cheaters but certain times carry a genuine reason too! If a boy is ending up with a girl to whom he used to love at a point of time, it doesn’t means that he is a cheater; of course somewhere his partner lacked! thus, the situation is created!

Similarly, if the girl is breaking up with a guy who was once the most important person in her life, she is not at all a cheater but a changed female whose expectations are now something different! And if in this situation a so called supportive society makes a worst rumor about that girl; THEN ITS CALLED A NIGHTMARE!!!

This is the actual situation which we face in our day to day life. These undesirable dreams work like a poison in our lives! 

Our society never stops making an effort to stop somebody’s life! And the moment when we invite those in our lives, we get stuck in a labyrinth! After that our life gets so fucked up as if a living fish is slipping out of hands!

Our life is not at all a piece of cake without a positive surrounding layer of people who make a difference. The people in our society can never be satisfied from what they have! thus, they always keep on making chances to make you feel inferior; so that they can feel superior , in return!!

They collapse from their dual behavior only in one case and that is when the circumstances are reverted back to their face as A MIRROR! You see if in a society with a ample of rules and regulations if a girl is living independently and following her own will then she is simply termed as AUDACIOUS!!

WHY in our society we face these problems? WHERE our society lacks?

The solution lies in the rate of change occurred in their thinking. Those orthodox can never be well pleased with the happiness of others, Because in their definition of happiness; “HAPPINESS is only what they can feel”! For them the aim is never letting us be happy at any cost!

You see “the typical human tendency”!!! 

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The Remedy to this this cause is only YOU AND YOU. To survive in this world of Hippocrates you would have to keep a broad perspective about every aspect no matter what! And in that situation if you are limiting yourself to the perspective of others then you are pushing yourself towards DEPRESSION!!!  


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