Indian Marriages has become a life offering aspect for several traders and Businessmen, apart from the point that Marriages unite two hearts and families. Yet the steps involved in the Marriages are quite very lengthy and time consuming which increase the budget involved and also ending up the families especially the Bride’s side in debt. Yet the Traditions of the culture which is to be followed over generations are believed not to be changed since the elders strongly stress that each and every strategy must be followed without being crossed. Even though it is mandatory to preserve the traditions, it can be bared only for a certain extent because each and everything cannot be followed in order. May be this content doesn’t condemn the traditions, but to suggest how time and people should be treated.

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Every Indian Parents are very much particular that their kids must marry only a partner from their own caste and that too from the bride’s side they expect the Groom to own a bike, car, a Flat, a Bungalow and what not? And on the Groom’s side, they make sure that the Bride brings enough jewels and Furniture which they had expected to buy long ago but now they could bring them home free along with a beautiful house maid for free. Parents on both the sides never bother to realize that their kids are going to suffer with a stranger in exchange with all those stuffs which bring them a temporary excitement. Yet they don’t ensure that their kids are going to face a lot of new problems with their new beginnings. This is not to blame that every parent those who wish to get their kids married off are wrong, but to those parents those who get rid of their children in the name of marriage without listening to their opinions.

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Either it be on the Groom’s side or the Bride’s side, if they are asked for things in exchange of their son or daughter, it is “DOWRY IMPOSING”. It doesn’t mean that if a bride is being forced to give money, Jewels it is dowry, but even if the groom is being forced for a Car and stuffs like that it should be called as Dowry. The Groom’s parents do this in order to get back all their money they have invested on their son’s education through the girl. The bride’s parents on the other hands ask for an own house, car etc., in order to ensure that their daughter would live a comfortable life. In both the cases they seem wrong. What if the bride brings fake securities as dowry and the groom’s possessions are under EMI installments? Dowries are not the basic necessities for marriage if parents expect their children to live a peaceful life.


Indian parents are very much concerned that their children should get married within late 20’s, else the society will disqualify them as the perfect parents. Many people’s life is being spoiled only because of early marriages. Some get married before realizing what life is. Before realizing what they are living for they get a life partner whom they should manage. Before understanding the question “Who am I?” they are enforced to understand another person and lead a life with them. Majority of the people are dependent on their parents when getting married and they fail to live a married life with sudden load of responsibilities. This situation can be handled only if the children are bold enough to spend time and make the parents to understand that Getting married is just a part of life and it is not life itself.

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Spending a lot of money in order to maintain the esteem among the relatives and the society is not a big deal. It all depends on how happily the life is being spent with a lot of understanding being involved. If you really want to celebrate the marriage, there is nothing wrong in spending money but if it is just conducted as a ceremony just to show in front of people, the motive of marriages must be changed.

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It is said that “Marriages are made in heaven”, but in India marriages are being made by parents just for their prestige. It is not that all those who get married are leading an unhappy life, but the selection part and deciding must be left to the children themselves since they know very well who can match them well. Same caste and well settled background is not going to bring all happiness. So better don’t sell the Bride and Groom in exchange for Dowries in the “MARRIAGE MARKET”.


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