Many people in this world still search for the meaning of these two words: GOOD AND BAD. Some people really don’t know what means GOOD and what means BAD but tries to advice others that they find something wrong in their actions and suggest them to correct it. But have you ever thought what us REALLY GOOD AND WHAT IS REALLY BAD? If you start thinking about this, you may come up with several other questions. But these words good and bad has a different meaning in different people’s dictionary. Your virtues may seem injust to other people and their virtues may seem stupid to you. But here no one could be blamed. Every heart has a dream, every mind has a plan , every soul has a life which seems right to themselves and can only be fulfilled by themselves. So let’s analyse the real meaning of GOOD AND BAD.


Almost in all the holy scriptures across the world, it has been stressed that LOVING OUR FELLOW BEINGS IS THE GREATEST WORSHIP. Despite of religions, humankind is expected only to love others and not to harm the feelings of the opposite person. But we Indians are little bit high with all the scriptures and mythical stories which stressfully denotes many morals to be upheld in day to day life. The cultures and traditions if our country are very modest which in each and every move tries to keep the people with discipline and morals. Starting from the dress we wear till the worships we do, everything has a hidden meaning behind it. Indian myths are not just myths but they had treasured a vast facts behind it but the myths became overpowering the facts since Indians fear cultures and traditions more. The Indian society sees each and every activity of the other people being done in order to correct them. But we always need to fear our society that we might get judged by them, which automatically makes us to be disciplined.


Our country’s dress code is totally modest and non seductive when compared to the Western style of dressing which feels totally tempting in our people’s eyes. But exposive dressing seems fair in the part of Western people’s opinion. But the truth is the less exposive dresses causes men to get more prone to lust. When they suddenly see a woman wearing explosive dresses, it seems more provoking since they are not used of seeing such kind of dresses. But if they are used to such a culture, it seems less seductive to them. India being the most populated country, people still stare at you when you talk about sex in public. But this totally seems normal in other parts of the world. Kissing and make outs in the public seems normal there but it is totally objectionable here. But it is very annoying to know that the country which has rich cultures, worships female goddesses, compels women to wear less exposive dresses seems to humiliate women in all sense, especially in the case of rapes.


Apart from the GEOGRAPHICAL VARIATIONS and also the cultures and traditions part, it is true that nothing can be called good and nothing can be called bad. THE same thing which is a sin in INDIA is considered DIVINE in the other countries. So we cannot tell that this is good here and bad at abroad. That will totally seem idiotic. Logic fails there. So better we have to come out of checking whether we are doing the right or wrong. All we can do is to follow our heart and to be cautious that we don’t go wrong in any of the situations.


People are always ready to watch you and judge you. Even if you are going to do something good, they are going to comment that it is the WORST. So better don’t wait for other’s to approve whether what you do is right or wrong, because there is nothing in this world called “RIGHT AND WRONG” . Some people blame themselves saying that they always do good but they don’t get recognition in the world but bad ones are surviving. But trust me there is of no use in living honest and proving others that you are a good soul. Instead do good to your soul. And hence you can become a good person. You are allowed to do whatever you want. But see that you don’t hurt the feelings of others. There could be nothing called the good and the bad but there is always KARMA. So take care that you don’t get offended by it.

Each person’s happiness depends on different things. Sometimes you won’t like what others will like and also they won’t like what you like. But it all matters whether your HEART likes it. Then it is not only a good thing, but THE BEST THING FOR YOUR SOUL. Don’t try being good by faking yourself. Better be honest to your soul rather than trying to pretend being honest to others. 


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