Things that should be improved by CA student for success

CA student do many thing to improve ourselves but not in proper manner. There is a presumption that CA is very hard to do. Truth is that you are not trying hard to do this. It is a good course to get future opportunities. if you want to success in CA you should make a perfect plan & desperately follow that plan.

Many people entered in CA but only few people get passed. the few people who passed because they maintain the discipline in study. if You want to success then you should also maintain that attitude. Clearing of CA exam require average intelligence but lot of hard work.

Following is some point that we need to do to improve:- 

Don’t take too much stress :- Some student take much stress at the time of exam. Don’t do that kind of thing. You should prepare for the exam from starting. by taking stress nothing can be going right.

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Start studying daily news :- Keep the updated knowledge of latest amendment. so you can study them also because amendment is mostly ask in exam. 

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Give some time to your body :- You should need to study but not at the cost of your body. fulfill all your need of body so that your mind can concentrate on study.

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Consume mind improving item :- Eat that kind of diet that will improve your mind & that gives you vitamin.

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Improve communication skill :- CA student have a lot of knowledge but he lake of in presentation. CA should improve their communication skill. If a CA student have communication skill no one can beat him.

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Study through writing :- Many people do enough study but by their calculator or any thing but they do not write anything & after some time they forget them. so Study by writing & solving question so that you can remember the things which you study.

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Updation of knowledge :- you should study continuously changing law. daily amendment of taxation & Frauds.

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