Things to be avoided by CA student

CA is not a easy course so before persue it you have to analyze yourself that you can do or not. Many people came into CA but they think they should quit because they didn’t know the reason why they getting failed & they are not able to analyze yourself. If you want to analyze yourself & want to know the reason why you failed you can go through this link:

Anyone truly said;

For getting something you have to lost something

That phrase also apply to CA course you must give up something to become a CA. There are many thing that you should quit or used in reasonable quantity for clear CA. I’m going to tell you some important thing that you should avoid after coming in CA

1. Use of cell phone: When i analyze the current environment i saw that mobile became the part of our life & we became the habitual of this mobile phone. Before coming to CA i personally advise you use the reasonable amount of time as much necessary. Because you can’t leave the phone. You have to read  amendment & daily news to get for your knowledge.

2. Maintain distance with parties: You have to limit your area & parties because you are going in a party means you are wasting some of your time & you are disturbing your schedule. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go in the party go to the party in the limits & adjust that time in your schedule.

3. Avoid to be in relationship: Relationship is not bad but excess relationship is bad. Frankly speaking avoid to be come in a relationship with your opposite gender means to be committed. When you are in a relation you will waste your time in social sites or talking to her/him. So try to avoid to be committed.

4. Avoid disturbance in schedule: Try to be avoid distraction from your schedule. Try to follow your schedule consistently & reduce some uncertainty in your life . if you want to complete your CA then you should consistently follow your schedule.

5. Avoid incompleteness: Try to complete the topic that you started otherwise you will forget or may be possible you are not able to understand the previous one. another one is that try to cover whole the syllabus in place of important chapters.

6. Avoid Inconsistency: For success you need to be consistent. You need to consistent in your study so that you can achieve the goal that you made. Inconsistency can distract you from your study & distraction of study means failed in your goal.


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