Things to be Do & not to do on Articleship

When you start your articleship you have much enthusiasm of learning than ever. You are like “mujhe ye bhi krna ye bhi krna h sb kuchh krna h”. But reality is different from this. You have to many challenges during your articleship for learning. You can go through this link for the difficulties encountered during articleship

Try to avoid that thing that will decrease your goodwill in the firm. I’m going to tell you certain things that are quite important to avoid such things that will question on your standard. some very important things are described below because theses small things makes a big difference:

1. Try to avoid given reply to seniors. When you reply your seniors they thinks you didn’t have manner to talk to them & after that they will not tell you how to work.

2. Try to be in formal in office. Try to wear formals in office & in clean shave so that you can impress your principal so that they assign the work to you.

3. Never directly ask question to the client first confirm from your seniors if they agree with your query then ask it the client in a sincere manner.

4. When you getting any problem first try to solve this by yourself by google or any other way & then ask with your seniors but never go directly to client it will define your standard.

5. Try to avoid calling words like bhaiya, it is internally good but externally it will make your standard & people will judge you on that.

6. Read the latest articles & amendment so that you are aware of the amendment provided by govt. that thing will improve your personality in your office.

7. Be serious at the client place so that you look like a auditor not a child. Stop behaving like a child on audit places. they should feel like you are a auditor maintain a attitude of auditor.


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