Things to be learn during articleship

When a CA student clear their first group or both group of IPCC they need to start your articleship. This articleship is of 3 years. Articleship is the most important part of a CA course. These three years you are going to participate in practical life. If anyone thinking to take dummy articleship then I’m personally advise you not to do that. In articleship you are going to implement your theoretical study in the practical environment.

You need to learn a lot on articleship but some of them is very important that is explained below:

1) Office etiquette: The most important thing to be learn during your articleship tenure is Office environment. How to behave in the environment, how to stay in that environment & how to deal with the environment. In articleship you need to learn this. Proper wearing of clothes is also an important thing to learn during articleship.    

2) Dealing with clients:In your articleship you will learn how to treat a person. Well every person is treated in his own manner. Every person is not same so you can’t treat them in the same manner. you have to made a difference in them & according to their post  or as you categorized them. You should be very polite to them even he is on senior post or junior post.

3) Dealing with the government department: If you are didn’t learn this point then your articleship is not going good because you after CA need  to interact with the government department then you will face much difficulties. You will interact with the Income tax department, GST  department, RBI, Liaision office department & much more so you need to understand the environment & work place for the same department.

4) Forming of email: When you started your training may be possible you don’t  know how  to draft a email. The basic thing you will learn during articleship is drafting of email. how to put subject in email how to discus the detail, how to demand the document on mail & Your signature on the email.

5) Use of accounting software: Another basic point that you will learn during articleship tenure is how to use the accounting software. Many person good in computers so they already know how to use that software but it doesn’t mean they know everything. You must need to learn accounting software because many company uses their own customize accounting software.

6) Accounting: The main work of a CA is auditing & you can’t audit the books till then you didn’t know how t o do accounting. so first thing you need to learn about accounting like journal entries that  you already know. but some entries are tough because the company made their entity in their own different manner so your accounting principle must be clear.

7) Auditing: It’s the thing a CA made for. In auditing you have t o check books of accounts of company. when you go on a first audit your work will be the vouching means checking of entry with the bill. vouching is not about just check the entry & tick the voucher you should understand the bill then decide the head of expenses then apply GST concept,TDS concept & any other related law. 

8) Taxation work: In your articleship  you also clearify your all concept in taxation. You will learn how to file ITR, How to file TDS return, how to did TDS entries, how to file GST return & many more things like use of taxation software. You also learn about tax planning. 

9) MCA related work: This is also a great phase of work that you learn in articleship. Work like MCA service, Director remuneration, incorporating a company, shutting a company, filing of MCA related forms, Drafting of minutes, drafting of AOA & MOA & DSC related services .

10) Management of time: You will learn the above point with this point because you also need time for the personal life & coaching. You also need time for self study. You didn’t have enough time for all of those things so you need to manage your timings according to the work.

11) Manage your personal & professional life: You need to learn this point very carefully. Many people can not able to distinguish between personal & professional life & they get started frustrate. So you should learn how to distinguish between personal & professional life.

12) Learning of Business wording: In articleship you started to become professional so you do use the business terminology. How you speak behind the office or how you speak in office it differs & you can see the difference after joining the articleship. 

13) Team leader : After some time of articleship you will lead your team. First see your seniors how they are leading you so that when it comes to you, you can easily manage them. For becoming a team leader you will need some leadership skill so you will also need to develop leadership skill.

14)  Drafting a report: You will also learn how to draft a report. When you go on a independent audit or as a senior on audit you need to prepare a report. When you go on a statutory audit you need to prepare statutory audit report when you go on a internal audit you need to prepare a internal audit report & whwn you go on a tax audit you need to prepare tax audit report. 

15) Learn about businesses: In articleship you will go in many companies. You will see the different businesses of different clients. In future if you want to go on business you may assess the risk in business & can start your business easily.                                



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