life-motivationpediaThe past cannot be changed :

Your past cannot be changed, forgotten or erased, it can only be accepted and you can learn from it for a better future. So if you are thinking about why this happen to me or that didn’t happen to me, then you are wasting your precious time. It’s your choice to regret about your past or to use that time and create a better future.










life-motivationpedia.comYour future is created by what you do today :

Yes, it is 100% true your future is decided by what you do today not tomorrow. If you want to accomplish all your dreams and goals then you have to work for it today. Don’t waste ‘Today’ about the past and worrying about tomorrow. If you want anything in life then get up now and start working for it. A successful business is not created overnight, you have to work for it daily. If you waste ‘Today’ then your success may be postponed in the future either by one week, one month, or maybe one year. If you want a bright future then you have to act now, not tomorrow, not next week.

Everyone’s journey is different :

There is more than one formula for success. Your destination may be the same but it doesn’t mean you’re path should also be the same. Everyone has to travel his/her own unique path for success. If your journey is full of adversity then you have two choices : either to take it as an excuse for your failure or take it as a fuel for your destination. It is easy to talk about what you want but it takes courage to get on the path, face the adversities and do it.






Things always get better with time :

If things are going bad with you then just be patient and keep on working and it will get better with time. You are in control of your own life up to a certain point, but you cannot predict what tomorrow will present. It is simply not possible, so it’s better to concentrate on your present and make it better and the future will turn out better automatically.








overthinking-motivationpediaOver thinking will lead to sadness :

If you are over-thinking about the bad things that happened to you then you are only wasting your time and energy on them. Over-thinking about something bad that has happened or that might happen will lower your energy, your concentration and only give you sadness, nothing else. Over-thinking only keeps you from living in the present. Worrying about something which cannot be changed is an utter waste of time, energy, and happiness. Rather than worrying about the mistakes of yesterday just concentrate on making today the most wonderful day of your life.




Happiness is found within not outside :

]Nothing in this world can make you happy if you are not happy from inside. You must first find the happiness that resides in you and then you can seek happiness from this world. Some people think that if they accomplish their goal or find the perfect partner in their life then will be happy but that’s not true. It is the peace inside you that makes you happy. Find out that inner peace inside you and then you will never have a scarcity of happiness in your life.





Positive thoughts create positive things :

Positive thoughts are very important to be successful in life because they motivate you and give you the energy to do your work. Positive people always receive success, good health, happiness and good relationships. As Rhonda Byrne, the author of ‘The Secret’ says, “Positive thoughts breed positive results, is the basic rule of law of attraction”. When you are doing anything in your life then always expect good things to happen and do not allow the negative thoughts to pollute your mind. Before starting any new project or any new thing just visualize the good result you want from that activity and good things will automatically start happening in your life.





Kindness is free :

No act of kindness no matter how small is never wasted, it will always come back in some or another. A little act of kindness can give someone happiness and you the much needed ‘INNER PEACE’. Kindness is free, you don’t get charged for it so why are you not spreading it? A tree is known for its fruit and a good human is known for his/her kindness. So always be humble and sweet with other people. Helping a person will not necessarily change the world. But it can change the world for that person.




You only fail if you stop trying :

All the successful people in the world never give up in their bad times. They bounce back after their failures with more energy and confidence. Winners are not perfect, they are only fearless and resilient. If they fall nine times they will stand up the tenth time. You only fail if you stop trying if you keep on trying no one in this world can stop you. A winner is just a loser who tried one more time. They make it happen and shock everyone.





What goes around comes around :

Work for your dreams while others are wasting their time. All that hard work, late nights and early morning will undoubtedly pay off one day. Let others play Pokémon and chase girls, you chase your dreams and work hard to make your dreams come true. And one the same people will ask you, are you hiring?



Remember these things and embed them in your life and nothing can stop you from achieving you want.




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