Things to do when you get stuck while working on your goals

All of us have a dream. Many of us are working day and night to make that dream a reality. Some might have small dreams while some might have big dreams in life. Some want a small government job while some want to become an IAS officer or a rich businessman. The dreams of a person depend on the person’s vision and his wants from life.

You also have a dream and you are working very hard to make that dream come true; but sometimes while working on your dream you feel stuck, you feel hopeless. Feeling stuck is not a bad thing because it simply means that you are trying to fulfill your dreams. A wise man once said, “Those who have never ridden a horse, have never fallen from a horse.”

The worst thing that can happen in life is to lose hope. So, here I am going to tell you about the 5 things that you can do when you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next.

1. Go online and gather some information: 

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Rather than lying on your bed and thinking about why things are not working out just open Google or YouTube and start searching about the ways which can help you overcome your problems. If you are studying CA and have failed in your CA exams then Google the stories of CA students who failed many times and later passed with flying colors. Their tips and stories will motivate you to work on your dreams. If you are working on your startup and you don’t have funds or are unable to find a customer for your product then go on YouTube and listen to the stories of various entrepreneurs who started with nothing but are now are making millions form their ventures. Next time when you are feeling stuck just go online and read the inspiring stories of people who were in the same position as you are in but still found a way to fulfill their dreams.

2. Start reading a motivational book:

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 Reading is always a good habit. Everyone should read at least 5 pages a day. When you feel stuck in life and can’t find out what to do next or lose hope then instead of watching porn or surfing social media, just start reading a book that you like. This will surely help you.

3. Go out somewhere:

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 Sometimes while working on our goals we get so disappointed that we are not able to think anything straight. At such times, it is better to go out and find someplace where you can get silence and peace of mind. You can go to a temple or go to a garden for a walk or simply go out, eat your favorite food and make freshen up your mind. With a fresh mind, you will be able to think of fresh ideas.

4. Talk to your mentors or teachers

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: A mentor is a person who can provide you with the right information at the right time. Instead of talking to your friends or inexperienced people, talk to a mentor who can truly guide you along the right path. Always choose a mentor who has similar goals to you.

5. Take a step: 

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If you are just sitting around and waiting for something or someone to come into your life and suddenly change it for the better, you’re not going to get very far. Just get up and take a step; it can be small or big, right or wrong. Either you get success or experience. So next time you get stuck at something, take a decision and once you have taken a decision start taking action on it.


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