Things you didn’t know about Lamborghini..part-3

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Number Eleven

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Lamborghini given cars to the Italian State Police to move organs. Lamborghini has given multiple made-to-order Gallardo’s to the Italian state law that they most typically accustomed transport given organs to their recipients they’re equipped with AN automatic plate recognition system a advanced camera that logs GPS data and delivers a live feed to central management rooms and a cold box for high-speed organ transport.

Number Twelve

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Missy Elliott’sbpurple Lamborghini Diablo was stolen, and wrecked Missy Elliott’s purple Diablo was being shipped from California to Elliott’s Virginia Beach home in 2001 it had almost made it, but was being hold on long at a garage in state capital Virginia an employee took the $300,000 car on a joyride and wrecked only three miles away from the garage crashing into a traffic sign a tree and a couple of curves the man was sent to jail for three years and had to pay over one hundred and seventy thousand dollars in fines.

Number Thirteen

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Lamborghini oversubscribed a record range of cars in 2016, Lamborghini shows no signs of slowing down in fact they posted record sales in 2016 selling 3457 supercars the company was only mercantilism some hundred cars once Volkswagen took over and did not reach over one,000 in sales until 2003 for the past six years the company has broken their record each year for sales.

Number Fourteen

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One-of-a-kind Lamborghini is headed to the block the Lamborghini 2006 conception s was bestowed as AI non-running style study at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show when obtaining rave reviews it was slated for production restricted to a hundred a road imperial epitome was engineered with Associate in Nursing open prime style and a setup between the motive force and therefore the traveler that acts as a further air body of water for the engine Lamborghini modified their minds on the planning thus this idea s epitome is that the only 1 of its kind within the world and it’s but two hundred miles on the mileometer it’s slated to be oversubscribed at in Monterey California auction in 2017 and is expected to bring in at least two million dollars.

Number Fifteen

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Lamborghini made a special golf cart for the Vatican. Lamborghini made a golf cart with special bulletproof glass that was used to transport Pope John Paul the second around Citta del Vaticano it’s currently housed within the Ferruccio Lamborghini Family deposit in fundo European nation, now that you learn more about Lamborghini we’d like to know which one of their models is your favorite let us know leave it in the comments section. 

Still here here’s a bonus truth only for you.

Lamborghini has a driving school located in the Alps where drivers can practice driving their exotic supercars on snow and ice as long as they can pay the 12,000 dollar fee.

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